Welcome to the Diva Entertains Blog!  We are currently under construction!  But it won’t be long before we have wonderful recipes and entertaining tips to share with you with the emphasis on “Easy Yet Elegant Entertaining”.

Nicole Mone’s fictional book, “The Last Chinese Chef” opens with the paragraph below.  Upon reading it it nearly took my breath away because this is how I feel about entertaining.  I hope that the Diva Entertains Blog will convey that to you and will be a useful and “entertaining” source of information.  Now the quote:

“Apprentices have asked me, what is the most exalted peak of cuisine?  Is it the freshest ingredients , the most complex flavors?  Is it the rustic, or the rare?  It is none of these.  The peak is neither eating nor cooking, but the giving and sharing of food.  Great food should never be taken alone.  What pleasure can a man (or woman, my addition) take in fine cuisine unless he invites cherished friends, counts the days until the banquet, and composes an anticipatory poem for his letter of invitation”.

Until we are live….


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