Brie and Fig Preserves Appetizer: Simpl(e)-ly Delicious

SDiva Entertains Fig and Brie Appetizer

Diva Entertains Fig and Brie Appetizer

It doesn’t get much easier than this.  Or much better!  This is my ‘go-to’ appetizer when in a hurry.  Heck, even when I have loads of time (insert ‘laugh’ here) I serve this.  Because people love it.  *LOVE* it!  And, interestingly, most of my guests have never had it before.  And they leave with the promise “I’m going to serve that in my house”.  Which gives me the warm fuzzies all over.


  • Brie Cheese, at room temperature (preferably a double or triple cream brie if you can find it)
  • Fig jam or preserves
  • Your favorite crackers

Set out the Brie and a small cheese knife.  Put a teaspoon in a the fig preserves.  Set out crackers.  Watch guests swoon.

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  3. Linda Colby says:

    Sounds YUMMY!!! I shall try it next weekend! 🙂

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