Breakfast Croissant Casserole

Diva Entertains Casserole Slice

I ran across this recipe quite some time ago, but unfortunately I did not note where it came from (I always try to give credit to the source for my recipes).  Without making it I posted it on an online recipe-swap I belong to and said that I thought it looked good.  Fellow swappers started making it and raved about it.  Over and over again.  And still I did not try it (nor admit that I hadn’t on the swap).  But just a week ago another post was made about how fabulous it was. So…..I gave it a try.  And it was, in a word, “Fabulous”.  Other words that could also be used to describe it: Delicious, Decadent, Easy, Scrumptious, Really Easy.

You prepare it the night before and keep it overnight in the refrigerator.  If you decide, instead, to make it right before you serve it just make sure that when it is all assembled you press down on the tops of the croissant so that they are submerged in the liquid. Do it a few times (as soon as you take the pressure off the tops  they will rise again).  The goal is to have them saturated with the liquid ingredients of the recipe.

One other note.  I can’t really tell you the exact measurements of which baking pan to use.  What I can say is use one that lets you snugly fit in four croissants.  Don’t worry if they are beautifully laid out.  Even if you have to cut them up a bit – the point is to fit four croissants snuggly in a baking dish.

Diva Entertains Croissant Casserole

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