Mocha Buttercream Cupcakes with a Bit of Attitude

Diva Entertains Mocha Cupcake

Like so many others, I am taken with cupcakes.  I just love the thought of having my very own miniature cake all to myself.  Not a slice of something…but the thing itself!  And lately I’ve been having fun ‘dressing’ up my cupcakes by using fun liners such as leopard print liner in this pic.  It goes perfect with a mocha buttercream frosting.  And set upon a leopard print coaster and now you’ve really made a splash! (I came up with this when I was recently asked to help plan a leopard themed bridal shower)

And of course…nothing wrong with adding a bit of chocolate to top of this decadent treat!

Diva Entertains Mocha with Chocolate Drizzle

Love cupcake?  So does Diva Entertains!  Check out her Cupcake Favors including her handmade Mini Cupcake Place Card Holders.

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