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Diva Entertains Cheesecake Slice

I *love* cheesecake.  Which is not to say I love ALL cheesecakes.   If it isn’t rich, creamy and absolutely luscious I’m not going to make it.  Which means it needs to be the full-fat version.  Heck, it’s not something I eat every day or even weekly.  So if I am occasionally going to indulge in something that goes straight to my arteries and hips it sure better be worth it.  And believe me, this brownie cheesecake recipe is just that!

This recipe is a combination of two cheesecake recipes.  One is the famous Lindy’s cheesecake, the decadent, creamy, rich cheesecake that I grew up on and that I *love*.  The second is Marcy’s Goldman’s Chocolate Eruption Cheesecake.  I love her brownie crust and all the goodies (chocolate chips, candy bars, brownie chunks and caramel sauce) that went in it – but I didn’t care for the actual cheesecake recipe made with sweetened condensed milk. (However, Marcy is a fabulous baker and her “A Passion For Baking”, that contains her recipe, is one of my most used and beloved cookbooks)

This recipe is easily broken down into three parts:  1) The brownie base.  Made first in a 9″ x 13″ pan, the contents of which will be used as a crust for the cheesecake and the rest to cut into small chunks and add to the batter. 2) The Lindy cheesecake – a very easy cheesecake to make, and 3) the delicious add-ins.  It takes a bit of extra time because you need to make the brownies first (unless you are like one of my sister’s who would, instead, purchase a pan of brownies from her grocery bakery to save herself time and trouble.  I think it’s a great idea!) but you can always do that a day or two in advance.

The secret to a fabulous cheesecake is knowing when to remove it from the oven.  I learned from a superb lemon cheesecake recipe (to be shared this summer!)  that a cheesecake is done when the temperature at its very center is 150F.  It will still seem a bit jiggly but it stays in the turned off oven another hour and will firm then and as it cools.  This method has never failed to turn out a luscious and creamy cheesecake every single time.

Let me also say that this makes a very large and full cheesecake.  I actually invested in a small 6″ springform pan and end up making one regular size cheesecake and also a mini one.  Cheesecakes freeze beautifully and I love having the little one  on hand should I need it for last minute company.

Diva Entertains Cheesecake1

One last thing.  I am not upset in the least if my cheesecake cracks.  I’ve never had anyone refuse to eat a slice because it had a crack.   The best way to prevent a crack is to bake the cheesecake in a baine-maire (a water bath)* but it is quite a bit of work and, most of the time, not worth it to me.  But I fully appreciate it if that’s the route you choose to go.

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