Moist Banana Bread Recipe with Mini Chocolate Chips

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I’m a bit of a food snob.  When I’m out and have a slice of a sweet (brownie, cookie, quick bread, etc.) with a cup of coffee at a restaurant or cafe, upon tasting the sweet I immediately assess it.  And in my mind the #1 baking offense is to ‘overbake’ something or not have enough richness to the recipe to begin with.  Both of which results in a dry baked good.  Which is, in the words of my older sister Barb, “dégoût”.  Which I believe is French for ‘disgust’ but which she interprets as “A waste of calories on a less than delicious treat.”

Diva Entertains Mini Banana Loaf Open

Quick breads such as banana bread should never be dry.  In fact – its moistness is essential to giving it flavor and appeal.  And this banana bread recipe is high on both.  Easy too.  Of course you can make it without the chocolate chips, or perhaps you would like to add nuts to it.  Any of these versions still result in a moist, delicious treat.

When making banana bread or banana cake, I have found that what works best for me is to take ripe bananas and put them in the freezer for at least a week (my freezer tends to be a holding bin for such bananas for months at a time).  They’ll turn brown/black in there but once removed and thawed for a recipe they will practically slide out of their skins and are very easily be incorporated into any baked good recipe.

Diva Entertains Ripe Bananas

This recipe makes one big loaf but I like, instead, to make 4 mini loaves. That way I can put at least a couple in the freezer to use for another time. Diva Entertains Mini Banana Loaf

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