Jacques Pepin’s Yukon Gold Potatoes

Jacque Pepin's Potatoes

My understanding of the origin of this recipe is that in 2007 Jacques Pepin made this delicious Yukon Gold potato recipe on Rachel Rays show.   They quickly became famous.  And I can tell you why:  they are damn good! Seriously.

What makes them so good?  They simmer in chicken stock and butter  and those ingredients are absorbed into the potatoes giving each little tot incredible flavor.  Then they are browned on each side – add more to the dish’s flavor profile.  But let me tell you this:  Should you decide you don’t want to go through the second step of browning the potatoes, you will still be rewarded with a wonderful potato side dish.  Known forever as Jacques Pepin Potatoes.

Diva Entertains Potatoes Cooking

*If you use regular chicken broth, taste the dish before you salt it.  It may not need additional salting.

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  1. I make these potatoes all the time after seeing Jacques cook them like this on a show a few years go. I use low sodium broth, as the total reduction and evaporation produces a lot of saltiness, especially if you are using salted butter, too. I use unsalted. If someone wants more they can just add it to their own serving. I also highly recommend the extra cooking time to brown these babies up. The flavor is soooo good.

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