Wasabi Salmon on Asian Vinaigrette Dressed Spinach

Diva Entertains Wasabi Salmon

This may well be my favorite salmon recipe of all times.  It tastes delicious, looks beautiful and is a cinch to make.   Because of the brown sugar in the marinade the fish develops a gorgeous and fabulous tasting exterior while, as long as it is cooked properly, the interior is tender and moist.  The typical rule of cooking fish is that a 1″ piece of fish requires 10 minutes of cooking time.  Thinner that that – shave off a couple of minutes.  Thicker? Add a few more.

And don’t be scared by the wasabi – the fish is not at all ‘hot’.  The delicious Ginger-Garlic Mayonnaise is the only part of the dish where, if you want it to be, it can be hot.  However, you would need to add more Wasabi than then the recipe below calls for if you want to heat things up.  Still a bit nervous?  Use less Wasabi than the recipe calls for.

Diva Entertains Wasabi Salmon with Sauce - Copy

The Asian Vinaigrette is used both to marinate the fish and to dress the salad (once it is made you divide it so that you have some dedicated to the fish and some to the salad) – that’s a time saver!

wasabi salmon - wasabi

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  1. SallyBR says:

    Oh, I am definitely making this soon… we are huge salmon-fans AND wasabi-addicts!

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