Simple Butter Almond Cake – Simply Wonderful!

Diva Entertains Almond Cake

One of the wonderful members of the recipe swap I belong to shared this recipe.  It’s from the Odense Website (Odense is a manufacturer of Almond Paste). And if this cake is any indication of the caliber of their recipes – trust me; you’ll be a frequent visitor to their site.

The cake is relatively easy to make.  I’m always a bit hesitate to use almond paste because, depending on the brand, it can be quite hard to crumble and incorporate into a recipe.  But Odense shares their secret that makes it incredibly easy: use a box grater to grate the almond paste.  Brilliant!  And so easy to do.

This recipe does not make the typical 2 to 3 layer American cake.  This is a one layer cake made in a cake pan (9″ works best) or a springform pan.  And although this cake is delicious all by itself, no frosting necessary, I like frosting on everything so I’ll include a recipe for it!

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