Blackberry Apple Turnovers

Diva Entertains Blackberry Apple Turnover open

I love anything surrounded by dough.  A turnover with a tender, flaky crust definitely fits the bill.  However, it was more than just the pastry that drew me to this recipe.

First and foremost,the filling: a combination of chopped Pink Lady apples and blackberries.  I would have never thought of that combination yet it worked beautifully.

Second, this crust is not your usual pastry crust.  It is a much easier and forgiving dough than typically used for pie, one that incorporate cream cheese (I think that’s where the ‘forgiving’ part comes in – the cheese makes it much easier to handle.  However, if you are short on time ,don’t hesitate using purchased puff pastry as the dough for these turnovers.  They will still be scrumptious and it will save you quite a bit of time and effort.

Diva Entertains Blackberry Apple Turnover

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  1. Judith Lynne says:

    Thanks, DivaEntertains. I was looking for a new Fall recipe that takes advantage of summer fruit but isn’t yet another pie. This will be perfect for autumn, weekend breakfasts!
    -Sharon from Chicago

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