Great Turkey Burger Recipe (In My Humble Opinion:)

Diva Entertains Turkey Burgers

I love a good burger. For me, burgers always meant made with good ol’, full of fat hamburger. And although we don’t eat it very often when we do I savor every bite.  However, when I came across this turkey burger recipe I decided to give up tradition this once and try something new.

Why this one?  Because the picture had little bits of green showing in the meat, which were chopped scallions and parsley, and I just knew that they would provide great flavor to the otherwise bland turkey meat.  The panko would add to the taste, too, as well as help make a flavorful  ‘crust’ to the burger.  Add a little garlic,  lemon zest and juice, soy sauce (which is known to add a ‘meaty’ flavor to foods) and I was just sure this was going to be good.

And it was.  My husband, who I wasn’t even sure would agree to eat one, ate two!

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  1. Started eating LOW sodium and this is a winner!

  2. I agree Great Turkey Burgers!! I didn’t want the same old turkey taste and these really fit the bill. Different and good. I will keep this recipe handy.

  3. I’ve been looking for a really good turkey burger recipe…something simple and delicious…this is it! Thank you!

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