Supernatural Brownies: From Scratch Brownies


Let me start this post by saying that I am a fan of boxed brownie mixes.  They’re  hard to beat.  And whenever I’m making brownies where I add something to them (chocolate chips), or add a topping (chocolate ganache) or two (Chocolate Ganached Cream Cheese Brownies) – I always use a mix.  However, if I’m just serving brownies au natural, I make from scratch brownies called Supernatural Brownies from Nick Maliegi, an incredible baker.  Using only a whisk, they take just minutes to make.  And a better brownie I’ve never had.  Try making them with bittersweet chocolate – utterly sinful:)


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  1. […] I used boxed brownie mixes (2 of them) for the base.  I use brownie mixes whenever I’m going to add a topping to brownies; if I’m serving them ‘au naturale’ then I make brownies from scratch. […]

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