Sesame Chicken Recipe

Diva Entertains Sesame Stir Fry Up Close

This recipe is an all around winner.  It’s adapted from a recipe by dietitian Ellie Krieger, so its healthful.  Add to that it’s easy to make, beautiful on a plate, and the leftovers are absolutely scrumptious!  Unlike the dish you would purchase for Chinese take-out, this chicken stir-fry recipe isn’t fried.  Instead the chicken gets its great flavor via a marinade.  And it only needs to marinate for 20 minutes.

The recipe calls for ‘toasted sesame oil’ but if all you have on hand is regular sesame oil, by all means, use that.  It will still be delicious!  And, like all stir-fries, have your ingredients prepped and at-hand when ready to cook.

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  1. Thank you for letting us know! So glad you enjoyed it:)

  2. RE: Sesame Chicken Recipe
    My friend and I got together on Friday night for dinner Carol made Sesame Chicken it was delicious.

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