Mocha Cupcakes with Cappuccino Cream Cheese Frosting

Diva Entertains Mocha Cupcakes

After spending way too much time on my last cupcake venture, Cupcake Pops, I decided to pursue a more sophisticated, adult cupcake.  This time I went for a homemade mocha cupcake that I topped with, not one, but two luscious frostings: a chocolate ganache and a cappuccino cream cheese frosting.  If you want to save time and only make one frosting – go for the cappuccino; it’s amazing!

Diva Entertains Mocha Cupcakes Open

The cupcake recipe is easy and straightforward.  The sour cream, extra egg yolk and a bit of oil keep the cupcake moist.  For the chocolate flavor I used Hershey’s Extra Dark Cocoa but you can use regular – the cupcake will simply be lighter in color (and taste) than the one shown.  If you’ve never made chocolate ganache before – you are in for quite a treat.  After making it you can cool it in the fridge until it is thickens somewhat and it is spreadable (don’t let it harden, though) and use it as is or you can instead whip it into a lighter, fluffier frosting.

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    1. kathy hughson says:

      loved recipe….ended up using ganache as filling and dusting cinnamon on frosting and adding choc covered coffee bean

    2. Looks Really Delicious! No, I bet it really is..! You even used Hershey’s Extra Dark Cocoa, the though of it makes my mouth water. I’m definitely gonna ask my wife to make me some of these! 🙂

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