Homemade Cheddar Cheese Crackers (Sort Of)

I absolutely love this homemade cracker recipe!  It’s embarrassingly easy to make yet the results tastes like  sophisticated cheddar cheese crackers.  And they keep for weeks in a air-tight container.  They remind me of cheese straws, however, with more of a crunch.  But I need to use the term ‘homemade’ a tad loosely since these start with store bought saltines.

After topping the saltines with shredded cheese, I sprinkled a bit of crushed red pepper flakes on top and then popped them in the oven.  You should, however, feel free to season them as you’d like .  A friend uses McCormicks’ Smoky Sweet Pepper Spice Blend when she makes them (unfortunately my supermarket doesn’t carry this brand so I couldn’t try it.  She recommends using 2 tsp).

This recipe is adapted from www.oregon.live and they adapted it from an original Shirley Corriher recipe .  Corriher is well known in food circles – she’s a biochemist and one of the leading authorities on food science.  It kind of makes sense that she figured out the surprising cooking method for this delicious cheese cracker recipe.

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