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Diva Entertains Crisp Ravioli

About 15 years ago I tried a recipe for pan-fried ravioli that was such a disappointment that I swore that I would, from then on, stay clear of it.  And so was the case until I saw a recent recipe for it in Cooking Light.  The attraction?  The ravioli was first dipped in an egg and water mixture (so that the next layer would have something to adhere to) and then dipped into a panko-Parmesan mixture which would help the ravioli create a crisp, flavorful crust without deep frying.  (Not that deep fried ravioli isn’t delicious – but I’m leaving that to restaurant kitchens).

Panko is a dried, flaky bread crumb used extensively in Japanese cooking that has also risen in popularity here.  It makes for a wonderfully crisp crust.  It is found in the Asian section of most supermarkets.

There’s really only one key to success:  You will need to cook the ravioli in 2 batches.  Make sure, after the first batch, you take a wadded up paper towel and wipe the pan free of any (browned) panko-Parmesan crumbs.  Otherwise they will continue to cook and burn and ruin your next batch.  So wipe clean and then add more olive oil before you pan fry the final batch.  Wipe out the pan once again before you start cooking the tomato topping.

Also, the recipe calls for making a quick tomato sauce by sauteing grape tomatoes in the same pan used to cook the ravioli once they have been removed.  If grape tomatoes are pricey or aren’t available, you can also use a can of diced tomatoes, preferably one that is seasoned with onions and/or basil.  Simply drain the liquid from the can and then heat up the contents in the pan for a few minutes.  Once hot, spoon over the ravioli.

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  1. oh, I swear, this one made my mouth water… wonderful appetizer idea, I only had it a couple of times in restaurants, never made it at home. Very nice!

    (I just switch my subscription to a new email and will cancel the one using the old address, hope the change will go smoothly)

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