Chive Mashed Potatoes with Yogurt

What’s so special about these chive mashed potatoes?  It’s the Greek yogurt that is used as a replacement for sour cream.  Greek yogurt tastes sinfully rich and luscious and adds depth of flavor to the typical sour cream mashed potato recipe.

Another flavor profile added to this recipe is garlic, but with a very light touch.  You actually infuse the milk used to make the mashed potatoes with a bit of garlic flavor by heating it (the milk) with two smashed garlic cloves.  You then strain the milk when adding it to the potatoes so you don’t have any over powering hits of garlic!

I use a potato ricer when making mash potatoes – it makes the lightest, fluffiest potatoes imaginable.  But if you don’t happen to have one – simply mash the potatoes like you normally do whether you mash by hand or in a mixer.

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