Polenta Fries (The Easy Way)

Diva Entertains Polenta Fries

I love polenta but I make rarely make it because my husband thinks he doesn’t like it.  But that all changes when we are talking about polenta fried!  Like me, he can’t resist the crisp, golden crust that forms.  But don’t think high fat or calorie-laden, this recipe is oven-fried.

This recipe uses prepared polenta that you find in the Italian aisle of your supermarket.  If you can purchase fresh, prepared polenta (in the refrigerated section) of your supermarket – all the better.  If its the former you are working with – a word to the wise: “don’t salt prior to serving”.  The prepared package already has more than enough sodium.  A little pepper, however, is delicious with it!

You may also like to top each polenta with a bit of grated parmesan prior to going in the oven.  Or, when the polenta comes out – give it a spritz of lemon juice from a lemon wedge.

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