Glazed Sugar Cookies

Diva Entertains Sugar Cookies Mini

Although my choice of frosting color may have been a poor choice (green? what was I thinking?), making these scrumptious glazed sugar cookies won’t be!  Different that most sugar cookies, these are thicker, have wonderful flavor from a hint of lemon extract (optional), are softish in the center and dipped in the glaze for full top-of-cookie coverage (When it comes to frosting I do not believe in the “less-is-more” theory).

Unlike so many sugar cookie recipes, this dough is a pleasure to work with.  It doesn’t need to be chilled once made in order to be rolled out – you can start cutting out your cookies immediately.  And as long as you keep your work surface lightly floured there are no ‘sticking’ issues.  The frosting/glaze is delicious and hardens nicely for bagging but is not at all rock hard like royal icing.  I’m sure you’ll love it!

Whenever I made these cookies I make them in two sizes:  I use a round, 2 1/2″ diameter cooking cutter for the large and a round 1 1/2″ diameter cooking cutter for the small.  I love having small ones in my freezer – they are perfectly sized when I’m craving something sweet but don’t want to overindulge on the calorie count.

The sugar cookie recipe comes from an excellent baker friend of mine that posted her recipe at  along with the frosting recipe. I’ve modified the recipe below to include an extra egg yolk and to call for lemon extract instead of the original almond.

Talking about delicious cookies – come check out the marvelous Cookie Favors from Diva Entertains.

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