Parmesan Lemon Tilapia with Capers

Diva Entertains Lemon Tilapia

We have tilapia quite a bit in our house.  It is relatively inexpensive, the frozen fillets are usually of excellent quality and the mild flavor of the fish is complimented by whatever sauce is served with it.

This is a pan sauce meaning that it is quickly made right after the tilipia is pan-sauteed.  You remove the fish, make the sauce, and then serve the fish with the sauce spooned over it.  Or, after you make the sauce, you can return the fish to pan so that it is ‘sauced’ in the pan.  I like to serve this meal with rice and spoon any remaining sauce over the rice.

Instead of dipping the fish in butter or an (whole) egg before dredging it in the Parmesan-flour coating, this recipe calls for dipping it in an egg white.  Egg whites produce an incredibly crispy coating which is why I employ this method so often while pan-sauteing fish.  Although this is a wonderfully quick dish for a weekday meal, it is also a great dish for entertaining.   Simply double or triple the quantities listed below.

*I save the clear, plastic bags that I put fruit and vegetables in at the grocery store and use them for times like this. Anytime that I need to dredge something in flour (typically fish or chicken) I mix the coating in the bag and then add the the fish (or chicken) to the bag and shake to have the coating adhere to it.

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  1. What a great tip, the egg white for coating – I often use a whole egg, beaten with a little water, but I can see (now) that the egg yolk would make the whole thing a lot heavier.

    I’m definitely trying this method next time, we love tilapia and this type of preparation with capers is one of our favorites!

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