Orange Glazed Salmon with Carmelized Onions

We had this orange glazed salmon last night and it was a feast for the eyes and mouth!  The caramelized onions, which sit atop the crispy fish, are so easy to make as well as the perfect accompaniment for the fish.  Although easy enough for weeknight fare, I know this will fast become one of my ‘company dishes’.

This recipe, from 2008, came from a magazine called Cooking Pleasures.  The recipe needed a few changes to give the glaze more sticking power and deeper flavor.  The recipe below is the one I’ve adapted.

Keys to success for this glazed salmon recipe:  1) Caramelized onions are sweeter than sauteed because of the caramelization process which brings out an ingredient’s natural sugars.  Sweet onions will work best in this recipe because of their naturally higher sugar content.  But you can use regular cooking onions too. Simply taste it after they’ve been cooked and if they aren’t sweet enough add 1 tsp. of brown sugar to the pan, stir and cook for another minute or two, and then taste again.  2) Reducing the sauce is important, otherwise it will not be thick enough to adhere well to the fish.  Reducing, like caramelization, is another technique to concentrate flavors.

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