Glazed Salmon Recipe with Asian Flare

I’m always looking for new ways to cook Salmon.  Glazes are a quick way to add a lot of flavor and this glazed salmon recipe does exactly that.  It combines many ingredients from the Asian aisle of your supermarket, as well as a bit of ketchup and brown sugar.  Instead of the ketchup you can use all Hoisin sauce (4 Tbsp. instead of 2) if you’d prefer.

This recipe comes from Cooks Illustrated magazine and the original recipe includes searing the salmon first on the stove top and then finishing it in the oven.  Searing the salmon creates a wonderful crisp crust but, quite honestly, you can skip that step, streamline your efforts and still serve a terrific dinner by just covering the salmon with the glaze and broiling it.   That’s what I’ve done here.  In a future post I’ll introduce crispy salmon that is best served on its own (no glaze or sauces).

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  1. That sounds soooo good! I made salmon tacos for the first time this past weekend, I think this recipe would work well for that too.

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