Chocolate Meringue Cupcakes

These chocolate dipped meringue cupcakes were  absolutely heavenly!  I don’t have a lot of meringue-making experience and I’m thrilled to tell you that none is necessary.

Keys to Success: 1) The goal of heating the meringue is to dissolve the sugar – not actually ‘cook’ the whites.  In fact – you want to be sure that you only heat the meringue to the point where it is hot to the touch – no further.  Otherwise you’ll have cooked the eggs and ruined the meringue. 2) Let the chocolate cool (about 15 minutes) before you use it to glaze the meringue so that you don’t melt the meringue. 3) The original directions said to ladle the chocolate glaze over the frozen meringues but that ended up a mess with glaze all over the liners and surface.  I found it much easier to tip the pan with the glaze to one side and then gently dip and roll the cupcake in it (meringue only). 4) Keep refrigerated until you are ready to serve them.  The meringue tastes better and won’t lose it shape.

Last note: I used a 3/8″ round tip with a disposable pastry bag (all purchased cheaply from a craft store – go to their website for 40% off coupons) but you can easily fill a ziploc storage bag with the meringue and clip off one corner and build your meringue frosting tops that way.  There’s no right or wrong shape – you just want to get some height to them (they are also called high tops cupcakes).

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