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Fab Fun Friday – the Apple Cider and Pumpkin edition

Just so you know – I’m thinking I might need to re-name the Friday theme posts to something that has to do with Pinterest.  I can’t seem to keep myself away from the pinning, and it’s especially bad when I’m looking for ideas for Fab Fun Friday!

So… it’s Fab Fun Friday aka Pinterest Addiction Day!

With October 1st coming tomorrow (what? how? where did this year go??), I couldn’t help looking for fall fab fun.  Like apple cider and pumpkins and such.

Check out what I pinned THIS week:

fab fall pinterest board imagesFab Fall Pinterest Board

Fab Fall Decorating with Pumpkins Pinterest Board

And don’t forget about the fab Apple Cider Favors in the Diva Entertains shop!

With October approaching, what are YOU thinking about?  Planning fall and holiday parties?  Hot apple cider and movie nights?  We’d love to hear your ideas for fall entertainment!

Thrifty Thursday – Hurricane Vases

Are you ready for a gorgeous centerpiece idea that will cost you very little?  Welcome to Thrifty Thursday!

I went looking for unique centerpieces for fall parties (or just every day), and I found this from Williams and Sonoma:

Looks expensive, yes?  (They are!)

Well, check out this post from 320 Sycamore.  Get a similar look for just a few dollars!

I also found a blog post by my blessed life.  She shares a fabulous tutorial on how to make these hurricane vases. (You’ll have to click on over to see her photos – they are worth the click!)

And two twenty one has a twist on the same idea – hurricane vases with split peas!  Yes, you want to go see… you know you do!

I told you… gorgeous!


How are YOU decorating for your events this fall?  Any fun AND thrifty ways to decorate?  Feel free to share!

Tuesday Trends – Zebra and Leopard Animal Prints

I’m SURE you’ve noticed that animal prints – most specifically leopard and zebra – are very popular right now!  I think it was about two years ago when I realized animal prints were the IN thing.  I was looking at photos of a high school graduation on facebook, and ALL the girls (and a few of their moms and aunts) had on some kind of animal print skirt with BRIGHT pink (or orange) blouses.

And it appears that this is one of those trends that just continues to gain momentum.  We’re seeing zebra stripes and leopard prints in all aspects of party planning and entertaining!  Baby showers… first birthdays… sweet sixteen… bachelorette… everyone wants an animal print party!

Here are a few of the fun animal print favors and party helps we have in the Diva shop:



1. Zebra Candy Wrappers

2. Animal Print Lip Balm Favors

3. Personalized Zebra Favor Boxes

4. Personalized Leopard Print Favor Boxes

To see ALL of our animal print favors –


Are you part of the animal print trend?  Have YOU had a zebra or leopard print party?  We’d love to hear about it (and if you have photos, we might even feature it here on the blog)!

Candy Bar Caramel Bar Cookies – Delicous!

Aren’t these caramel bar cookies absolutely fabulous looking!  Topped off with pieces of your favorite candy bar (shown here with Milky Way chunks).   This divine recipe comes to you from a fabulous baker and a new guest blogger of mine,  Danielle at Hugs and Cookies Blog (she calls them her “Milky Way Madness Bars” – gotta love that!).

Danielle’s recipe is easy and straightforward and will result in a decadent, rich bar cookie that will be an instant hit.  And you decide what candy bar you’d like to top these caramel bars with  (Snickers, Mars, Milk Way, Reeses, etc – the sky’s the limit!!).

Candy Bar Caramel Bar Cookies (adapted a tad from Hugs and Cookies Milky Way Madness Bars)

Makes one 9″ x 13″ pan of bar cookies


  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup plus  2 Tbsp. confectioners sugar
  • 1 1/2 sticks unsalted butter, softened
  1. Beat all ingredients together until crumbly and combined and pat down evenly in a 9″ x 13″ pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. (Alternatively you can line the pan with non-stick foil).  Bake at 350F for 15-20 minutes until edges just start to brown.

Caramel Layer:

  • 40 caramel (from a bag of individually wrapped caramels)
  • 5 Tbsp. unsalted butter
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  1. Microwave for 1 minute on high.  Stir, and then keep microwaving at 30 second increments (stirring in between) until the mixture is smooth.

Candy Bar Topping

  • 1 bag mini size candy bars.  Cut the mini’s into 4 slices each, however, if using larger candy bars just cut into small pieces.

To Assemble:

  • While the crust is baking, prepare the caramel layer and chop up the candy bars.
  • Let crust cool 5 – 10 minutes and then pour on the caramel layer and spread evenly across the cookie base.  Place the candy bar pieces on top of caramel to decorate and chill completely before cutting.  These are very easy to cut when very cold and should remain in the fridge until ready to eat (caramel will get too gooey if left out).

Turn to Diva Entertains Party Favors to discovered fabulous party favors for all ages!

New in the Diva Entertains Shop this week…

Happy weekend!  Each Saturday, we will be sharing some of the newest items added to the Diva Entertains shop.  We are ALWAYS adding new, fun, diva-licious items to the shop, and it might be hard to keep up!  So, check back each Saturday for the “New Releases”.

THIS week we’ve got candy land centerpieces

moss letters in various sizes…

salt water taffy favors


 damask table runners

vineyard bottle coasters

wine place card holders

fall themed lottery holders

apple hot cider favors

christmas oreo gift boxes

christmas ornament lottery ticket holders

AND… jungle animal (safari theme) place card holders

Check back next week for more new releases!  Happy entertaining!

Fabulous Fun Friday – DIY Fab

One of the topics I hope to write about a LOT in the near future is DIY… or Do It Yourself.  In fact, we are hard at work on a new “division” of Diva Entertains, called DIY DIVA.  I’ll have more info about that coming soon, but for today, I thought I’d share some super fab Friday DIY projects I found thanks to Pinterest.

(Yes, I’m quickly becoming a Pinterest addict).

(Aren’t you?)

Fast and Fabulous DIY  Decor Wall Art, from Crafts and Coffee

Ruler Wall Mirror, from Design Sponge

Silverware Silhouettes, from California Callahans

Quatrefoil DIY Decorative Wall Art, from All Things Thrifty

Seriously, how FAB are these DIY projects?


Thrifty Thursday – Paper Flower Tutorial

I promised it yesterday, and here I am with a THRIFTY THURSDAY post!

It’s the post each week in which I show you how to make something fabulous, creative, and elegant… for very little money (and occasionally little effort).

Ok, I’ll be honest.

I might not always be the one to SHOW you… but I can certainly LEAD you to a tutorial that WILL show you.  I’m helpful like that!

Today’s DIY Paper Flowers tutorial comes from one of my favorite blogs, titled simply, MADE.

I can promise this won’t be the last time I post a tutorial from Dana’s lovely blog.  I don’t know which I like more – her writing or her photography – and I bookmark blog posts regularly.

So, today!  I’m going to share with you a favorite – simple and elegant and easy.

Wallflowers… made from paper napkins.  Like tissue paper flowers, but with some durability.

Dana’s tutorial shows you various ways to create these lovely handmade paper flowers.


And spiky…

And more!  You’ll feel like you are back in elementary school again, only your end product will be so much more fabulous!

Check out Dana’s tutorial, and let me know what you think?


Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe… NOT

I think it is a Mother Goose rhyme that describes children’s personalities based on the day of their birth.  Monday’s children are fair of face (pretty!).  Tuesday’s children are full of grace (nice!). Thursday’s child has a long way to go (road-trip!), and Friday’s child is loving and giving.  Saturday’s child works hard, and Sunday’s child?  The best of all – bonny, blithe and other fun stuff.

But Wednesday’s child?  Full of woe.

Depressed.  Melancholy.

Of course you can guess which day of the week I was born on, right?  I remember reading that little rhyme and wondering… WHY?!  Why couldn’t I have been pretty or graceful?  No, I had to get stuck with SAD.

It turns out I was born with a bit of rebellion to go with my depression, and I have finally decided that Wednesday’s children deserve better.  We should be full of wackiness… or wonder.  Even whimsy would be good.  I’m not settling for WOE anymore!

SO, on that note.  Let’s have some Wednesday Wonder, Wacky and Whimsy, shall we?

(And yes, I realize I’m stretching the clever just a bit with all this Fabulous Fun Friday, and Tuesday Trends and Tips and Tricks and Tutorials and Monday Menus and… well, I SAID I wanted to be a bit wacky, right?  You’ll just have to bear with me).

Since I’ve already gone on and on (and on), I’ll stick to just three images today.


photo from

Wacky (yet, wonderful):

DIY Chandelier from


Flowers in hanging glass bottles from

Don’t ask me how or why I ended up with lighting and chandeliers for all THREE of these… it just happened, and I went with it!





Tuesday Trends – Ruffles are everywhere!

I’m not sure what the exact scientific criteria is for a “trend”, but I figure if I’m seeing something a LOT as I travel around the internet, then it’s possibly the start of a trend.

If I start to see that same something ALSO in stores and out in “real life”, then it’s most certainly a trend. (Right?)

So, on Tuesdays I plan to write about Trends.  And Tips.  And Tutorials.  Maybe even a few Tricks.  (You probably noticed the repetition of the letter T in those titles.  It’s me trying to be clever).

Today’s Tuesday topic will be Tuesday Trends – Ruffles!

I am seeing ruffles everywhere lately.  How about you?  I’ve seen ruffles on purses and ruffles on wedding dresses and ruffles in home decor.


Ruffles on scarves and ruffles on pillows.

Lots… and lots… and lots of ruffles!

Yesterday, I found a great tutorial (there is one of those “t” words again!) on how to make your own ruffle chair garland.  If you are planning a party, you might just want to check this out.  These chair garlands would be perfect at a lovely tea or a birthday party for Aunt Jane… and even a wedding reception.

You can click HERE for the Ruffle Garland tutorial.


Are YOU seeing ruffles everywhere?  Do you have any cute, sweet, lovely or just plain FUN ruffles that you need to share?  Feel free to leave a comment, with a link!  And keep checking in with the Diva Entertains Blog as she shares other fall style trends.

High Heat Roast Chicken and Potatoes

I’m pretty sure this oven roast chicken recipe will fast become a favorite.  The skin is super crispy while the chicken remains deliciously moist.  And as an added treat, the potatoes explode with flavor because they are basted* in schmaltz (chicken fat) throughout the cooking time.  And after you make it the first time – it will become a snap to make!

I learned how to make this high heat chicken recipe from Cooks Illustrated magazine although I have adapted it (by skipping the brine)** to make it a quick meal to prepare.  The chicken is essentially ‘butterflied’ (laid-open flat) which enables it to cook much faster than normal.  The sliced potatoes lay below the chicken and are cooked in the juices that drip down as the chicken cooks.

Below I’ll give you step-by-step instructions for this outstanding yet easy roast chicken recipe:

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