Cookies… cookies… and MORE cookies!

I only recently became aware of the WONDER that is the decorated sugar cookie.  I mean, sure, I’ve made lots of cookies in my life, and I’ve even decorated a few for the holidays over the years, but OH. MY. WORD.  I really had no idea what one could do with royal icing and some decorating talent.  (And actually, I have neither of those – icing OR talent – so even though I now KNOW what one could do, I couldn’t really do it if I tried).


How about I just show you some FABULOUS cookies, eh?  And maybe a tutorial or two?  From a few folks who DO have icing… and talent!

One of my most favorite new cookie sites is SugarBelle’s.  You will soon see why!  Check out some of her cookie masterpieces below!


The perfect jack-o-lantern cookies, with tips on making orange frosting:

An amazing example of how a cookie cutter can be used for more than one design:

Amazing!  (I know, I said that already, but really… )

Are you getting exciting about the cookie design possibilities?  Below you’ll  find several how to decorate with royal icing tutorials. Such as this fabulous lesson at with Top Ten Cookie Decorating tips about using Royal Icing:

And another one on how to “flood” cookies with Royal Icing. (I’ve learned a LOT of new terms in my cookie design making quest!)

I’m SO not done yet… look at THIS tutorial on quatrefoil designed cookies:

And this one, on making chevron-inspired cookies (another from SugarBelle’s!):

AND… I am going to finish out with these adorable angel cookies… and the tutorial on making them!

So, who is going to make some cookies?  (I’m volunteering to EAT them… or… admire them!)

And JUST in case you don’t have icing OR talent (just like me), here is a link to all our fabulous Cookie Favors in the Diva Entertains shop.

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