Crispy Salmon

Crispy Salmon Recipe

My all time favorite way to cook salmon is what I call “Crispy Salmon”.  As you can see, the flesh forms a succulent, crispy crust that is also incredibly flavorful.  The amazing part of this pan-fried, healthful salmon recipe is that there is no oil (olive or otherwise) in this recipe.  The only ingredients are salmon, salt and pepper!  How can this be?  Salmon is an oily fish (good oils!) and because of this, the oil exudes as it is cooked and the salmon actually cooks in its own juices.

fried salmon recipe

Also – its a cinch to cook.  The method employed also works for chicken and pork.  Read on…..

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  1. Wonderful!!! Brilliant!

    I bet you can add a little southwestern spice or something if desired, but the method is fantastic as it is… I’ll be making it for sure next time we cook salmon.

    it actually made my mouth water… and it’s not even 6:30am yet! 😉

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