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Even MORE Pink Pumpkins…(and gourds)

In case you missed it, we’ve been talking about, and sharing photos of, PINK PUMPKINS this month, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  You can read the other posts HERE and HERE.

And guess what?  Today… I have even MORE photos to share, along with a tutorial.  It’s not JUST pumpkins today either… we have PINK GOURDS too!

Shabby Chic Pink Pumpkins and Gourds, to be specific.  (Click the photos below to view MORE photos and the tutorial).


Aren’t these fantastic?

And remember, you can click HERE to visit Andrea at the Cottage Market blog and read her tutorial.  She has even MORE lovely photos, and she shares all about how to make these fabulously DIVA pink pumpkins and gourds.

(I have never typed the word gourds before so many times in one sitting.  It’s really not an easy word to spell… or type.)

Now… forward this on to a friend.  Make some shabby chic PINK veggies


Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Onions

This recipe for roasted brussel sprouts is a favorite at Thanksgiving (although I make it year round).  I usually make it the morning of  Thanksgiving, although I’ve made it a day or two in advance many a time.  And you have no idea how delighted I am when, someone who typically shuns this particular vegetable, tastes it and becomes a convert. Why?  Because roasting the brussel sprouts causes caramelization (the browned edges) which add a wonderful sweet element to them.  Add the bacon and roasted onions and it is a flavor sensation (okay – I think it is!).

The keys to success for this dish are simple: 1) Use one rimmed baking sheet to cook the brussel sprouts and another one to cook the bacon and onions.  This is because they cook at different times and it allows you to cook all portions to perfection. 2) Lay the brussel sprouts cut side down on the baking sheet.  This ensures the beautiful caramelization as shown above.


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Fab Friday – More Baby Shower & Pinterest Fun!

I’ve admitted that I’m a Pinterest addict, right?  I can’t help it.  So many gorgeous photos, so many lovely ideas, so many FAB fun inspirations!

Today, I thought I’d share MORE of what I’ve been finding lately in the Baby Shower favor and decorations category.  My baby is not a baby anymore, but I still love looking at all things baby.  (Maybe BECAUSE my baby isn’t a baby anymore?!)

FYI – all the photos below can be clicked on, and you will go straight to the original source – etsy, blog, website, etc!

First up, an adorable onesie cupcake:

And how about a onesie flower bouquet?

“Sweet Pea” Cookies…  (seriously?  SO CUTE!)

And Owl cookies…. (a very popular baby shower theme right now, along with other woodland creatures).  Be sure to click through on this one, to read a top ten tips tutorial on decorating cookies with Royal Icing.

And look at these FABULOUS little flower pots…

Fluffy… fluffy.. wreath… reminds me of the stork…

And I have seen some really pretty fruit themed decorations for parties before, but I just LOVE this watermelon baby carriage…  (and you can watch a VIDEO on how to carve your own!)

My absolute favorite FAB baby shower pin for today?  This very unique centerpiece idea… a DIY Motorcycle Diaper Cake!!

(You can click HERE for detailed instructions on how to make it!)

Remember, you can see ALL my Baby Shower pins on Pinterest by clicking HERE.

Happy Fab Friday, everyone!


Visit for lots of great Baby Shower Favors

Thrifty Thursday – Halloween Decorating

The other day a friend asked me if I was all ready for Halloween, and if I was done decorating.  And then she launched into a story about how she and her husband use the Halloween pumpkin decorations for both Halloween AND Thanksgiving by simply turning the jack-o-lanterns around after the 31st.  Apparently besides all the pumpkins they use INSIDE, they also have a 5 foot jack-o-lantern that sits outside… with his toothy grin showing until the day after Halloween… and then he sits backwards through Thanksgiving.

I blinked a few times as she spoke, and realized (quietly in my own head)… I don’t really do that well when it comes to decorating OR preparing for Halloween.

In an effort to do a better job THIS year, I’ve been scouring the Internet and bloggy world and Pinterest, looking for cute… inexpensive… easy… ideas!

You want to see what I found, right?

From, a tutorial on how to make these adorable peek-a-book pumpkins:


Table of Treats idea, from Gordon Gossip.  She used a photo from Good Housekeeping as an inspiration, and explains how to re-create it!

Monogram Pumpkin Tutorial, from the Butlers blog.  We have been painting pumpkins pink around here, but I think I’m just as in love with these white monogrammed pumpkins.

Halloween Flowers, from One Charming Party.  Talk about a fabulous look!  She details the individual flower arrangements, so be sure to click through to see more!

And as I look back through these photos (and the other links I bookmarked but didn’t share), I realize I’m a white and black Halloween kind of girl.  Over half of my links show classy black-and-white decorations! Maybe next week I’ll share the few COLORFUL Halloween decorating ideas I found.

What are YOU doing to decorate for Halloween this year?

More Breast Cancer Awareness

If you haven’t already, please check out our original Breast Cancer post from last week.  We are having a “Linky Party” for the entire month, and if you have a cancer survivor story or want to share about a cancer journey, please link your blog post(s) to ours so we can all share!

From our Linky Party, a few links you might want to check out:

And you really want to see more Pink Pumpkins, don’t you?

From Tammy’s Heart: Pink Pumpkins (a post she wrote last year, but I just could NOT pass up sharing this link):


Another post from last year, DIY Glitter PumpkinsBe sure to click over for a tutorial on how to make your own!

And our OWN pink and silver pumpkin, inspired by Martha Stewart Living:

Have YOU decorated any pink pumpkins?  Let us know – we’d love to see!

And… have you scheduled a mammogram, or reminded a friend or relative to schedule THEIR mammogram?  (Just a friendly breast cancer awareness reminder from Diva Entertains!)


Did you know?  Diva Entertains donates a portion of the proceeds for ALL Breast Cancer related products and favors.

Download FREE Printables for your Halloween Treat Bags

It hardly seems possible that fall has arrived and we are once again facing the “holiday season”.  I walked through a shop the other day that was displaying Halloween items on sale for 50% off, and the store employees were filling up shelves with Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations.  Really?  Discounting Halloween items BEFORE Halloween?

Well, I’m still looking FORWARD to Halloween, myself.  My three children are excited about costume ideas (which change daily) and my 6 year old made a “count-down” to Halloween calendar today.  (20 more days, in case you were wondering!)  He also asked me if we could make presents for his friends for Halloween.  I told him, “NO problem!”  After much discussion we decided to put together favor bags with some kind of gummy worms (scary ones, of course) and spiders.  I told him I could make some fun treat bag stickers to decorate the bags, and then I thought, “hmm… I should share these free Halloween stickers with the Diva Entertains blog readers”.

So… here I am sharing!  Below are two DIY round sticker or tag designs you can print and use for your Halloween treat bags or Halloween favors.

This is a PDF file., and you can download the file by clicking HERE.  Simply print them on cardstock, punch them out with a 2 inch round or scallop punch (purchased at a craft store like Michaels or ordered from HERE, and use double-stick tape to add them to your treat bags.  You could do the same with sticker paper, and skip the double-stick tape step!  I have included 10 of each design on the sheet, for a total of 20 tags per sheet.

If you have any questions or need help using this file, just send an email to

Happy Halloween countdown!


These printables are for PERSONAL use only.  No commercial use allowed!  Pumpkin and witch hat clipart from


Crispy Salmon

Crispy Salmon Recipe

My all time favorite way to cook salmon is what I call “Crispy Salmon”.  As you can see, the flesh forms a succulent, crispy crust that is also incredibly flavorful.  The amazing part of this pan-fried, healthful salmon recipe is that there is no oil (olive or otherwise) in this recipe.  The only ingredients are salmon, salt and pepper!  How can this be?  Salmon is an oily fish (good oils!) and because of this, the oil exudes as it is cooked and the salmon actually cooks in its own juices.

fried salmon recipe

Also – its a cinch to cook.  The method employed also works for chicken and pork.  Read on…..

Diva Entertains is your source for great party favors!

Pink Pumpkins For The Cure

My friend Mandy over at Project Queen wrote a lovely post this week about Breast Cancer awareness.  I will let you read her post in it’s entirety on her blog (by clicking HERE), but I wanted to share her fabulous photos with you.

Aren’t those fabulous Pink Pumpkins?  Mandy was kind enough to share her materials list with us:

Martha Stewart Craft Paint (Pink Taffeta Pearl and Amaranth Satin)
Straight Pins
Breast Cancer Ribbon Stickers (found them at Michael’s) and painted them a darker pink

I definitely want to make some Pink Pumpkins… how about you?  I just LOVE the detail that the straight pins add on the ribbon.  I would not have thought to use pins like that (and I’m afraid I might not have had the patience TO do it)… so I’m completely impressed with how beautiful these pumpkins are!


Mandy is the proud creator of a blog called Project Queen.  She is a mother of 5 amazing children, a Nana to 4 grandsons (with another one due the end of this month) and a wife to an amazing man that she has been married to for 21 years.  She is excited to venture into the new territory of being an “empty nester”, making new friends and finding an outlet for inspiring others, as they inspire her along the way.  

Your can read some FABulous… FABulous DIY posts on Mandy’s blog.  She is truly the Project Queen!


If you have a Breast Cancer awareness post, we invite YOU to share it with us through our Breast Cancer Awareness Linky PartyCLICK HERE to read the Linky Party post, and add your link(s)!


Fab Fun Friday – a gorgeous FALL Baby Shower

One of the blogs I stalk read regularly is Kara’s Party Ideas.  I usually have to wipe the drool from my chin after I look at her photos, and I’m always inspired by the ideas.

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for some fun fall-ish themed party ideas, and in particular, baby showers.  Well, I found the perfect post about a “Clementine Baby Shower” on Kara’s blog.

Isn’t that stunning?  Orange poms, white baskets, greenery.  I’m just in awe!

Here’s a close-up on those fabulous apples:

And now you just have to click on over and check out the rest of the photos!

Happy Fab Friday!