Advent Calendars – DIY, Printable and More

Every year, I vow to be “better prepared” than the last year, and every year December 1st sneaks up on me.  For the last THREE years, I’ve wanted to do a homemade advent calendar or Christmas countdown calendar with my kids.  And for the last THREE years, I’ve forgotten until it was too late, and… well, that’s where the “better prepared” vow comes in.

First, from, an inexpensive printable Christmas countdown cones version.  The cones can be hung from your tree or a mantle. Simply purchase from andersruff, print, cut out and put together… and voila, a fun and beautiful DIY advent calendar.

And another fabulous and inexpensive printable countdown calendar from andersruff, the mitten version!

I just can’t decide which one I want to use – but I can assure you I will be choosing one of them!

Here’s another fun idea… use matchboxes to make a decorative tree and advent calendar all in one!

Another seriously CUTE idea is the “baby sock” advent calendar craft from Martha Stewart.  Click the link for the full how-to on this adorable idea!

And one last idea from etsy, this time from Sweet Anne Handcrafted Designs… a  block printable countdown calendar for only $2.50.  (Oh, this one is tempting me too!).

NOW, to figure out what kind of little goodies I want to get to put IN the cones… or mittens… or boxes.


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