Buffalo Chicken Risotto – Soooooo good!

Let me confess that I’ve NEVER had buffalo chicken wings or chip.  Never really appealed to me.  But when I read over this recipe it seemed to scream at me to make it.  The appeal was the flavorful broth that the risotto cooked in, a combination of  hot sauce, chicken broth, lager beer, honey and a touch of Worcestershire.  And it did not disappointment.  In fact – this might belong up there in my top 10 favorite recipes – it’s that good.

The recipe is simple to make.  Like any risotto, it just takes a bit of time and a stir ever few minutes.  I doubled the amount of chicken that the original recipe called – I wanted this to be a hearty entree.  When serving, it’s delicious with the crumbled blue cheese or without.

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