December Parties for Kids (and kids at heart)

Anyone who has a December birthday (or early January, even) has experienced their birthday being overshadowed by the holiday season.  It’s not always easy to plan birthday parties in the midst of all the hooplah.  But today we thought it might be fun to highlight a few December party ideas… with ways to incorporate the holidays WITH the birthday.  (Of course – these are also great kids Christmas party ideas too:)

(And if you don’t have any birthday parties to plan, you can STILL use the ideas shown today for your holiday party!)

The links below are just INSPIRATION links.. no tutorials today, but rather just IDEAS to help you design your own party theme!

First up, a Hot Cocoa party theme, from the Hostess With the Mostess Blog.  Be sure to CLICK OVER to see ALL the fab photos:

How about a  Christmas Candyland Theme party, from Celebrations at Home.  Yes, it’s a holiday party idea, BUT it could be adapted as a CandyLand Birthday party theme!  Again, CLICK OVER to see more photos:

Another fab idea from the Hostess with the Mostess blog – a vintage Rudolph themed party.  I know, I know… it’s a holiday party again, but my kids LOVE Rudolph, and what a fun theme for a birthday party!  Once again, CLICK OVER to see twelve different photos:

Now, this next link isn’t for a party theme gallery, but rather a super cute cake pan for the railroad fan that you can purchase from Williams-Sonoma.  (My boys would FLIP over a “cake” like this!) Can you image the joy on a child’s face when they see this train birthday cake?  The cake pan makes NINE different little train car cakes, and you can decorate them… for the holidays, for a birthday, for… FUN!

And one LAST Hostess with the Mostess gallery link… another “candy-land” theme that could be easily adapted for a birthday, if you replaced the Christmas gingerbread with “candy land” gingerbread figures, and added in a few sugar plum fairies and more lollipops!

Do you have any unique ideas for December/January birthdays?  Feel free to post a comment and let us know!

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  1. What beautiful ideas! My daughter wanted a fun holiday party for her December birthday and these ideas are just perfect!

  2. Such pretty ideas!!!!

    PS…At our holiday bookclub party last night, I gave our members the T-shirts reading “Our wine club has a book problem.” They LOVED them…you should have heard the hoots and hollars. Thanks so much for the idea!

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