Glitter Glam Shoes!

In case you haven’t heard, glitter and shoes… they are IN right now.  And if you have a few extra hundred dollars, you can spring for a designer pair.

OR, you can follow a tutorial and learn how to decorate shoes easily and inexpensively! Who would have ever thought that Glam Shoes were so easy to make?

I have several tutorials for you to check out.  They all are similar, but as a visual person, I like having photos and choices and as many instructions as I can get.  (Especially if I’ll be applying glitter to a pair of shoes!)

First up, from Wobisobi, a “re-style” tutorial, with details on how to “fix” up a scratched heel with glitter.  I will definitely be using this home shoe repair trick in the future!

And a tutorial on making glitter SOLES of your heels… from The Kurtz Corner:

Now, so far… it’s just been glitter on heels and soles… but what if you want to learn how to glitter heels – as in an entire GLITTER SHOE? No problem!

Check out THIS tutorial from A Pair & a Spare:


And this one from Frock and Roll – hot pink glitter heels!

So… my question to YOU is… would you glitter glam a pair of shoes?  And if so, what COLOR glitter?  Gold?  Hot Pink?  Neon Green?

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  1. I have seen lots of people say they can spray paint shoes. So I got a pair and tried it out. Well they crackled. So I put crystals across the top strap. They are wedge shoes, so I put lace on the bottom and sides. Then I decided I would use some yarn that is that really fuzzy like. Now I have the straps that are cracked that I can’t use the lace on, and I can’t find the crystals I used to decorate a pair of sneakers, as it was seasonable. Any idea? I love how you did your shoes….with the glittler. I tried it and didn’t like it so I painted it and looked worse, so I put the lace over it and that looks good. Just the straps and I can’t decide seed beads, or anything else……any ideas.

  2. Thank-you so much for the lovely mention! Have a fantastic day! 🙂

  3. Thank you for featuring my glitter sole tutorial!


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