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Decorating With Candles

I absolutely love and adore candles.  Candles of all shapes and sizes.  Candles of all colors and scents.  I think decorating with candles just adds that “something special”, whether to a table-top, a centerpiece or anentire event!

In case you missed it, you can check out our recent DIY Candle post HERE.

First up, a quick and easy DIY post about embellishing candles with ribbons, pearl pins and more, from BHG.  This has given me so many ideas on how to decorate pillar candles – now I just need to walk the aisles of my craft shop to see what to use!

A gorgeous COLORFUL candle idea, from Martha Stewart.  Click HERE to read the easy DIY on making these.  Garage and Estate sales are a *great* place to find inexpensive candle holders ripe for decorating!

It isn’t hard to create a rustic elegance, with floating candles in mason jars and raffia, as pictured in this post from Violet Hills Weddings.  One could easily use satin ribbon, and even add little tags to personalize the jars. Rustic and elegant at the same time!

This isn’t a tutorial, but I just had to share because I thought it was stunning.  From Coco+Kelley:



Tuesday Trends – Photo Booths and Photo Props

One of the hottest trends to hit parties lately is the Photo Booth!  You can rent a temporary Photo Booth for your next event… OR you can fashion your own!

You just need a backdrop… some photo props… a picture frame or two.  And a camera (or photographer).  Party photo booths are perfect for not only getting fun photos of the wedding couple or the birthday kiddo…. but ALSO getting great photos of guests too!

From Hip Hip Hooray, a couple of adorable kids’ birthday photo booth ideas:

From the Knot, a lovely wedding photo booth idea with a backdrop and frames. Picture frames as photo booths are super popular right now!

Just look at this fabulous photo booth idea, from a post on Manolo for the Brides:

And, don’t forget about the step-by-step DIY Photo Booth we showed you last week!

I mentioned the photo booth PROPS, right?  You know I have DIY tutorial links for you… WITH free printables!

Check out this post from Oh Happy Day  She shows you how to make great photo booth props:

And from Ruffled, a great DIY photo booth props post: (say THAT three times fast!)

Finally, from Undercover Mother, another fab DIY post… with tutorial on how to make foam photo props! These are way easier than you’d think!

It’s easy… it’s fun… and you know you want a photo with a mustache!

Homemade Caramel Sauce – So Good!

easy caramel sauceI was so happy when my friend Liz at That Skinny Chick Can Bake blog shared her scrumptious caramel sauce recipe.  She’s a fabulous cook and her recipes never disappoint.  If you’ve only sampled the ‘out of a jar’ stuff up until now – this easy caramel sauce will have you wondering what took me so long to make it myself?

caramel sauce recipe

Brought to you by Diva Entertains – exceptional favors for exceptional parties!

Tiffany Inspired Party

The iconic blue box… the gorgeous white ribbon.  It’s completely obvious why the “Tiffany” party theme is a favorite!  If you are planning an elegant event… bridal shower, birthday party, a wedding… what about using Tiffany blue as your inspiration?

Gorgeous flower centerpieces, with a Tiffany blue surrounding….  visit the Hostess blog to see inspiration from this “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Bridal shower.  I love that she used inexpensive carnations and then dressed them up with pretty blue ribbons.  Simple, elegant, nice!

Tiffany inspired cookies, from the Amy Atlas blog.  To make similar cookies – you’ll need a “gift box  cutter’.  You can find the in the baking aisles of crafts stores such as Hobby Lobby or Click Here for an Online Source.  You can simply use white icing for the ribbon or if you want to use fondant – that also can be purchased from craft stores and some bakeries.  Or Click Here for an easy to make and work with, as well as delicious, Marshmallow Fondant Recipe.

Or how about putting a chocolate truffle or macaroon cookies in blue boxes as Eat, Drink, Pretty has done:

And what about cakes?  Look at this fab Tiffany cake that features an”open box”, from Pink Cake Box.  To find other fabulous Tiffany Cake Pictures go to and type in “Tiffany Cake Pictures”. When you find one (or three!) that you must have, print out a picture and take to your bakery to replicate.

Or these simple, but elegant Tiffany cupcakes, from Grin and Bake it.  (Be sure to click through to the post – there are three great frosting recipes included!) To find other fabulous Tiffany Cupcake Pictures go to and type in “Tiffany Cupcake Pictures”.

And, of course, we have plenty of fun Tiffany favors  at Diva Entertains.

Tiffany White Chocolate Dipped OreosTiffany Cupcake Toppers

Tiffany Magnet Favors, Tiffany Candy Wrappers

Are you inspired?  I am!

Bug Theme Party and Easy Butterfly Cupcake Toppers

Bugs are popular with the younger set… it’s just a fact.  Both boys AND girls love the buggy themes – gross, “icky” bugs for boys… and sweet ladybugs and butterflies for girls!  For your next kiddo (or adult!) party, check out all the buggy ideas and inspiration!

Let’s start with the GIRLS!  Here is a fab tutorial for making cute ladybug party decorations, from the  These are really easy to make!:

One of the BEST ladybug party posts I’ve seen can be found at bee in our bonnet;  make sure you click through to it for wonderful lady bug party pictures and inspiration.  My favorite, FAVORITE idea from this post?  These adorable ladybug pretzels made using colored candy melts found at every craft store in the baking aisle.:

I mentioned butterflies, didn’t I?  Well, if you are planning a butterfly theme party, you need to check out this tutorial for making butterfly cupcake toppers.  A-DOR-ABLE!  Everything needed to make these can be found at craft stores.  (don’t forget to print out a coupon when purchasing the butterfly punch.)

And now.. for the BOYS!  I found a ton of links and inspirations for “icky” bug party theme ideas.  This corn dog centipede was one of my favorites.  Check out the Hungry Happenings blog to get details on how to make these:

From Creative Juice, a tutorial on making bug party favor sticks AND skewer stand FOR the favor sticks.  They also show how to make a DIY cake pop stand (used her for the party sticks) by covering floral foam with decorative paper.  I do this all the time!

From Oh Goodie Designs, check out the “best bug party EVER” post, with tons and tons of photos for bug party inspiration.  I can’t quite decide on a favorite idea, but if I HAD to pick, it would probably be the worm holes and ants-on-a-stick goodies.  CUTE, CUTE!

And you simply can’t have a BUG party without a DIRT cake!  Check out this post from Cookie Mondays, about her son’s Bug Party in the Park.  FABULOUS fun ideas, and a yummy (?) looking Dirt-N-Worms Cake!

Favors as Decorations!

I was trying to find ways to stretch a party budget recently, and began to look for favor ideas that doubled as decorations or table centerpieces.  It seemed like a perfect way to save a little money, but still have a fabulous look for the party.

What about using orchids as centerpieces, but tagged with a “please take home” note?  Photo below from   Or individual bud vases as favors and your table decorations.  You can purchase glass bud vases for less than $1 each (check craft stores, walmart, etc.) or small terra cotta pots (even less expensive) and put a single flower in each, set it at each guest’s table setting with a tag letting them know they should take it home.  Herbs are perfect to put in the mini terra cotta pots.  Gorgeous and very budget friendly! If you don’t want to make your own tags you can purchase customized tags for your plants HERE.

Look at these super cute matchbox favors that double as place cards, from  You can also print a message on decorated paper (make a rectangular template) and simply cut them out and attach to the top and bottoms of matches with double-sided tape; easy!:

And one more from Martha Stewart… give your guests waterproof bags to take home the flowers from your centerpieces!  I also love the idea of have large vases of long stem roses or other beautiful flowera and having guests take one and put the stem in these pretty bags as they leave.  Instead of making a grand entrance they’ll be making a grand exit!

Planning a “southwest” theme party?  Then check out these adorable little cactus favors/centerpieces:

And what about the ever popular “candy bar” idea?  But… instead of setting up a separate place for the candy bar, why not use filled candy jars in the middle of your tables as your centerpiece, and include bags (and a scoop) for guests to scoop candy for taking home?

What other ways could you use favors as decorations?  We’d love to hear YOUR ideas!

Tuesday Trends – Purse Parties

Last week, we talked a little bit about GLAM SHOES… so THIS week, it just seemed appropriate to continue the discussion, but this time with PURSES.

In case you hadn’t considered a purse theme party,  I have some fab links for you to help get you started!

Check out this wonderful tutorial on how to make a purse cake, from  This is actually quite easy if you purchase fondant.  It is sold in the baking aisle of large craft stores and bakeries often are willing to sell you fondant too.  Also – marshmallow fondant is easy to make and easy to work with.  And delicious!:


If cupcakes are more your style… look at these “fashionably chic”  purse cupcakes! The “how-to” for these cupcakes can be found in the Cupcakes, Cookies and Pie, Oh, My book by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson.

Of course, if designing an entire purse cupcake might be too much, you can always make fondant purse cupcake toppers.  The Wilton site shows a quick and easy way to make adorable fondant purses, which you can make in any color you desire!

Now, how about centerpieces?  We have this lovely purse centerpiece in the Diva Entertains shop:

And check out this tutorial, from… a pink posy purse centerpiece:

Finally, you can’t forget favors!  We have an entire section devoted to purse party favors in the DE shop. Manicure sets, favor bags, and even Oreo cookies!

Corissa, Emily and Valerie sent in this picture from their purse party featuring our “Little Black Purse” manicure sets and gorgeous Big Buddah purses – thank you so much, Big Buddah, for generously providing them.

Valentine Cheesecake Recipe – Berry Good!

Valentine dessert recipe

This delicious recipe and beautiful photography comes courtesy of Katie at Epicurean Mom.  It’s an easy raspberry cheesecake recipe enriched with raspberry puree – that’s what gives it the great pink coloring and added flavor.  You can easily make the raspberry puree using frozen raspberries found in the frozen section of your supermarket.   Don’t want to make the homemade puree? Substitute 1/4 cup of raspberry preserves!

raspberry cheesecake recipe

Yummy Fun Valentine Cookie Recipes

I can’t believe it’s actually February.  It feels like I turned around once, and January was gone in a FLASH!  Thankfully, we still have a little time left to prepare for Valentine’s Day.  You can read our post with Valentine Party Bites here and our MORE Party Bites post HERE….

And today’s post will be devoted to Valentine cookie recipes and tutorials!

I think I may have shared this recipe/tutorial before, but they are just so pretty, and I think perfect for unique (non-heart) Valentine cookies.  From Sprinkle Bakes, colorful spiral cookies:

From Glorious Treats, check out this wonderful recipe and how-to… gorgeous Valentine heart cookies, without a lot of effort (or talent) required! And here’s a video on How To Flood Cookies, that’s the white part below.  I never realized how easy it is to do!

Here is something TRULY unique… AND fat-free and calorie free!!  OK, it’s not an ACTUAL cookie, but I just loved these, and couldn’t help sharing.  Valentine Fortune Cookies, made from scrapbook paper!  Included with the tutorial is a FREE download with circles and fortune cookie print-outs… or you can create your own with her helpful instructions!

You’ve heard of the Pioneer Woman, right?  (Just say yes, even if you haven’t). She has a super-fun chocolate cookie recipe to create Valentine’s Day Cookies (you can buy stencils very inexpensively at craft stores):

And finally… these days, it just wouldn’t be right to do a cookie post without including at least ONE Valentine cookie POP recipe!  So, from Pillsbury, here you go! (Cookies On A Stick are all the rage!)

Glitter Glam Shoes!

In case you haven’t heard, glitter and shoes… they are IN right now.  And if you have a few extra hundred dollars, you can spring for a designer pair.

OR, you can follow a tutorial and learn how to decorate shoes easily and inexpensively! Who would have ever thought that Glam Shoes were so easy to make?

I have several tutorials for you to check out.  They all are similar, but as a visual person, I like having photos and choices and as many instructions as I can get.  (Especially if I’ll be applying glitter to a pair of shoes!)

First up, from Wobisobi, a “re-style” tutorial, with details on how to “fix” up a scratched heel with glitter.  I will definitely be using this home shoe repair trick in the future!

And a tutorial on making glitter SOLES of your heels… from The Kurtz Corner:

Now, so far… it’s just been glitter on heels and soles… but what if you want to learn how to glitter heels – as in an entire GLITTER SHOE? No problem!

Check out THIS tutorial from A Pair & a Spare:


And this one from Frock and Roll – hot pink glitter heels!

So… my question to YOU is… would you glitter glam a pair of shoes?  And if so, what COLOR glitter?  Gold?  Hot Pink?  Neon Green?