Yummy Fun Valentine Cookie Recipes

I can’t believe it’s actually February.  It feels like I turned around once, and January was gone in a FLASH!  Thankfully, we still have a little time left to prepare for Valentine’s Day.  You can read our post with Valentine Party Bites here and our MORE Party Bites post HERE….

And today’s post will be devoted to Valentine cookie recipes and tutorials!

I think I may have shared this recipe/tutorial before, but they are just so pretty, and I think perfect for unique (non-heart) Valentine cookies.  From Sprinkle Bakes, colorful spiral cookies:

From Glorious Treats, check out this wonderful recipe and how-to… gorgeous Valentine heart cookies, without a lot of effort (or talent) required! And here’s a video on How To Flood Cookies, that’s the white part below.  I never realized how easy it is to do!

Here is something TRULY unique… AND fat-free and calorie free!!  OK, it’s not an ACTUAL cookie, but I just loved these, and couldn’t help sharing.  Valentine Fortune Cookies, made from scrapbook paper!  Included with the tutorial is a FREE download with circles and fortune cookie print-outs… or you can create your own with her helpful instructions!

You’ve heard of the Pioneer Woman, right?  (Just say yes, even if you haven’t). She has a super-fun chocolate cookie recipe to create Valentine’s Day Cookies (you can buy stencils very inexpensively at craft stores):

And finally… these days, it just wouldn’t be right to do a cookie post without including at least ONE Valentine cookie POP recipe!  So, from Pillsbury, here you go! (Cookies On A Stick are all the rage!)

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