Fabulous and Fifty – Birthday DIY

One of our more popular posts is the DIY 40th Birthday post.  All of the ideas really could be adapted for any age, but I thought I’d write ANOTHER post, this time focusing on the FABULOUS 50!

One place to start for planning a birthday bash is the “What Happened in my Birth Year” site.   This site is fun!  I entered 1962, and got some fun into about movies and events from that year. “50 Years of Changes” would be fun for a theme!  Interestingly enough… glitter high heel shoes were almost as popular in 1962 as they are today!  And a gold 50th birthday is a popular birthday theme.


To find some FAB FIFTY cake ideas, simply go to Google Images, and type in “gold 50th birthday cake”.  Lots and lots and LOTS of great cake images will show up. Find one or two that you love, and print to take to your local bakery.  Most bakeries will be happy to use your inspiration photos to help create a cake for you.  Of course if it isn’t gold that you are into, just take in “50th birthday cake”.  Looking for a “50th birthday cake for men”?  Put that in the Google Images search bar!

Another option for dessert is brownie pops.  Check out these fabulous GOLD (and silver) brownie pops from {The Roche Shop}.  You can easily make them yourself by frosting brownie pops and then roll them in edible glitter.  Sound too difficult – no worries! Just make a pan of browns, frost them and then sprinkle them with edible gold glitter or lustre (look in any craft store baking aisle)!

A party isn’t complete without decorations and banners.  How about a gold glitter birthday banner?  Check out Everyday Ebullience and Creature Comforts for great examples (and a DIY) on making a fun glitter banner:

Gold, glitz, glamour… perfect for a Fab Fifty birthday party!


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