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St. Patrick’s Day is Almost Here…

And I think we need some GREEN around here, don’t you?  I’m thinking Green Desserts just in time for St. Patricks Day.

How about some green MARGARITA cupcakes, from Good-bye Gluten?  They fill in perfectly for  St. Patrick’s cupcakes. Actually – the recipe give is for the Green Margarita Buttercream, use if on store bought or homemade cupcakes (Yes…I’ve been know to buy unfrosted cupcakes from our supermarket).  Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, in every way:

Always wanted to know how to make a rainbow cake?  This tutorial is fabulousGreat photos and instruction.  Read all about how to make a Leprochaun Trap Cake, from not martha:

Looking for St. Patricks’s cookies?  Try this incredibly fun twist on S’mores, check out these Leprochaun Hat S’mores from Hostess with the Mostess:

And one more for the kids (and kids at heart)… from Gluesticks, a rainbow fruit platter, with marshmallow clouds!

How To Make Crepe Paper Flowers

Quick post today, but FULL of potential for you! has a series of posts and tutorials for DIY paper flowers that is a must-see.

CLICK HERE to see the slideshow and links to how-tos.


Daisies, Carnations, Dahlias, Mums… and MORE!  Click HERE to get started

Pi Day, 2012

Did you know that tomorrow, March 14, 2012 is “Pi Day”?  What exactly IS Pi Day?  Well, I googled a definition and found this:

“Pi, Greek letter (π), is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi Day is celebrated by math enthusiasts around the world on March 14th. Pi = 3.1415926535…”

Blink… blink.  Ok, then!  Honestly, I’m not ever going to be accused of being a math enthusiast… but I do like PIE… so in honor of “pi” day, let’s chat about PIE, shall we?

From Quick Dish, a great tutorial on making mini peach pie in a jar!  Perfect for a shower or party dessert!

An absolutely GORGEOUS triple berry pie recipe from Instructables, with detailed instructions on how to make a decorative pie crust like this:

I found a great tutorial series on, for making decorative pie crusts.  The series was technically written for Thanksgiving, but definitely works for pi…er… pie day!

For a non-traditional, but YUMMY looking pie, check out the Family Kitchen… and her S’mores pie:

And last (but not least), check out this recipe from Country Living, for MINI cherry pies.  I think these would be perfect come summertime for an afternoon/evening barbeque.

So glad those math enthusiasts came up with PI day, aren’t you?


Elegant Appetizer – Avocado and Goat Cheese Mousse in Wonton Cups


Elegant Appetizers


This fabulous, elegant appetizer recipe, and beautiful photography, is brought to you by LoriesMississippiKitchen.  And let me tell you – it’s a “Keeper”.

First of all, I love that it’s a wonton cup recipe; meaning that by using store-bought wonton wrappers most of the prep work is already done for you.  And then there’s the sublime flavors of avocado, pesto and goat cheese mixed in a light yet decadent mousse.   Yum!

Thanks, Lorie!

Fab Friday – Free Baby Shower Printables

It’s time for another Fab Friday Free Printables!  This week I have two printable baby shower favor tags for you.  One pink, one teal/blue… and using my favorite – TEDDY BEARS.

These free printable tags are 2 inches round, and come 20 to a sheet.  The download is a PDF format file.  Just download, print, and then cut.  (We recommend a circle punch, like THIS ONE, but scissors work too!  Punches are lost cost and once you have one you’ll find zillions of reasons to use it)

You can punch a hole and add it to your party favors with string or ribbon… or use it as a cupcake topper.  If you decide to print it on STICKER paper, these will make great seals for favor bags or boxes.

You can download the PINK teddy bear tag HERE.

You can download the BLUE teddy bear tag HERE.

Happy Fab Friday!


Bling Bouquets

Oh my goodness… I have some fun photos to share with you today (AND a tutorial too, of course).

Fresh flower bouquets are still the top choice for most brides, but the lots of DIVA brides are turning to (and making their own) BLING bouquets.  Did you know this?  Prepare yourself for FAB…

First up from Off Beat Bride, a very involved tutorial for making Sparkly DIY Crystal Bouquets.  Low cost too!

From the Bridal Guide, a post with tips and ideas on  how to make a Brooch Bouquet

Maybe you still want fresh flowers, but you want a little extra bling too?  Then consider wrapping the stems on your bouquet! Check out this tutorial on Bow Ties & Buttercream… for jewelry for your bridal party AND for a bouquet wrap too!


And another option for wrapping, from Wedding Bells.  Actually – 30 different wraps (not all bling) are shown – great ideas are to be had!

Of course, if you want a one-of-a-kind, forever bouquet, but don’t want to make it yourself, there are options.  Check out Emici Bridal – this shop is full of stunning custom-made BLING bouquet options.  Here is one I just love:

So, are you ready to bring on the BLING this spring??

Diva Crafts for National Craft Month

Did you know that March is National Craft Month?  And I have a few fun tutorials to share, with easy-to-make, FAB “crafts” that will dress up your next event… and/or your home!

First up: Did you even want to learn how to make a pomander ball? Try  This lovely pomander ball tutorial, from Pizzazzerie.  The step by step instructions, with photos, make these gorgeous pomanders achievable by anyone! This craft project might require you to purchase a Martha Stewart paper punch, but it will be totally worth it, I promise!

Next up, a tutorial from beach house in the city on how to paint bottles that look GORGEOUS!  You might get your fingers a tiny bit messy with this one, but again… totally worth it! The blog mentions purchasing the little water containers that stems are often inserted in when giving a bouquet.  These are readily available and very inexpensive at any florist.

Are you planning a fun kiddo candy-related party?  Then you have to check out these super-crafty, super fun GIANT LOLLIPOPS, from Glorious Treats.  Their step-by-step how to make lollipop decorations is very though including where to purchase supplies and how much they cost. I think they would be great in pastel baby colors for a baby shower too!

And I know Valentine’s Day is over, but I think these heart doilies from Martha Stewart would be wonderful at a spring bridal shower.

Will YOU be crafting this month?  Do you have any “Diva” type crafts you can share?  We’d love to hear your comments…

Chocolate Silk Tux Pie with Scrumptious Nut Crust

This may be my husband’s all-time favorite dessert.  I created it for Passover, when Jews don’t eat products with leavening (so no flour crusts).  But my husband far prefers this chocolate silk pie with the nut crust.  You can easily pour the filling into a pre-baked pie crust or a graham cracker crust.

This easy chocolate pie is a snap to make.  The filling is rich and luscious.  Keys to success?  There’s really only one.  And that’s when adding the beaten eggs to the hot chocolate mixture you only add a teeny bit at a time to slowly bring down the temperature of the chocolate filling.  Otherwise you are going to have little bits of scrambled eggs in it.  Believe me when I say I learned the hard way:)

Planning a party?  Turn to Diva Entertains for great birthday favors, baby shower favors and so much more!

Fab Friday FREE Printables – Diva Style

This week, I have a free DIVA gift tag for you!  There are a lot of ways to express “diva”-tude, but zebra stripes is one of the best!  So, I made TWO zebra striped, diva centered tags.

These free printable tags are 2 inches round, and come 20 to a sheet.  The download is a PDF format file.  Just download, print, and then cut.  (We recommend a circle punch, like THIS ONE, but scissors work too!  Punches are lost cost and once you have one you’ll find zillions of reasons to use it)

You can punch a hole and add it to your party favors with string or ribbon… or use it as a cupcake topper, like pictured below:

The Pink Zebra stripe download is HERE.

The Black Zebra stripe download is HERE.

Just click and save!

Happy Diva Friday…