Cinna-bunnies! And more Easter baking…

Popping in again today with two quick FUN Easter ideas for you.

Today, we’re in the kitchen playing with flour and sugar decorating sugar cookies, and I am determined that we will also make some of these adorable Easter Egg Cookies, from Pillsbury:

I’m 99.9% sure our cookies won’t look as good as the ones in the photo, but that’s because I have messy little birdies kiddos.  The good news is that they will still TASTE good, even if the nests are a bit off-kilter.

We are not stopping with cookies, oh-no-we-are-not!  The kids saw the picture of the “Cinnabunnies” (from Betty Crocker) when I was browsing Pinterest, and insisted we make some of our own:

How could we NOT make these??

Are you baking this week?  If so, what are you making?

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  1. These cookies look absolutely funny, and great for the kids. Will try next year, too late now!

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