Neopolitan Cupcakes – So Easy, So Good!

I was rather taken with the photo of the Neapolitan Cupcake I saw in a magazine.  Unfortunately – the cupcake itself, although nicely flavored, was just too dense.  Which is saying something because I tend to like rich, heavy things.  However, the frosting was absolutely divine.  A definitely ‘must have’ in my frosting repertoire, although of course I tinkered and altered it completely from the original:)

As for the cupcake itself – which boasted a chocolate base under a vanilla top – it was deceptively easy to do.   My recommendation?  Just buy a vanilla cake mix, divide it into two as described below and flavor one half as chocolate and then, once baked,  top with the heavenly strawberry frosting.  And you’ve got yourself a rather spectacular, yet easy-as-can-be, Neapolitan dessert!

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