Diva DIY – More Paper Flowers!

It’s been awhile since I last posted about DIY Paper Flowers.  I personally never tire of looking for new and unique ways to make paper flowers, so I always have plenty of fun tutorials to share.

First up today, from A Little Hut, a lovely mini flower tutorial that would make a perfect gift topper or favor topper.

From The Broke Ass Bride, comes a great tutorial (courtesy of A Good Affair) for paper rosettes.  SO many uses for these… from table decorations to wall decor..and more!


From Santa Barbara Wedding Blog, a super simple, but elegant how to make paper roses tutorial:

And finally, a very unique paper flower from Folding Trees.  These are Japanese kusudama, and I can’t wait to try making some of them!  Please note that the link above takes you to Part 1 of the tutorial.  At the end of Part 1 is the link to Part 2!

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