More S’mores!

So, my family and I are going “camping” this weekend near Yosemite, for a fun family reunion.  We’ve been planning the trip for awhile, and the kids have made a LONG list of things they want to try for the first time.  Top of the list?  Making S’mores!

Except.. we just found out that we might not be able to make a campfire where we’ll be staying.  Which means… no s’mores. UH OH!

Thankfully we WILL have access to a campground kitchen (industrial size!)… and we have google… so I set out to find alternative ways to make S’mores, which do NOT include roasting marshmallows over an open fire.  Guess what?  There are LOTS and LOTS of ideas out there!  So, I saved the day… and… a blog post was born!

First up, from wit & whistle, a yummy “S’mores Bars” recipe:


From A Wedding Story, comes a lovely looking recipe for Pampered Chef S’mores in mini muffin tins:

For a different twist, but still YUMMY taste, check out Madigan Made and her S’mores Bark recipe:

And winner for the easiest recipe, from Northern Cottage comes S’more Croissants:

I honestly can’t decide WHICH recipe we’ll be using… but we WILL be using one of them!

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