Baked Brownies – Fudge Brownies from Scratch

baked brownies

When I say “Baked Brownies” I’m not really referring to the fact that these brownies are, indeed, baked.  I’m referring to the recipe from the Baked Cookbook that home bakers are talking about.  These decadent, fudge brownies from scratch are well worth your time to make – you might never buy another brownie mix!

A quick explanation of why these are *so* good: 1) The recipe calls for 11 ounces of dark chocolate; most fudge brownies only call for 8 ounces, 2) It also calls for cocoa powder (so it adds “oomph” to that chocolate flavor) and a little bit of espresso powder; the latter is known to deepen the natural flavor of chocolate without leaving a coffee taste, and 3) This recipe calls for 5 eggs; most only call for 2.  Egg yolks add incredible richness to baked goods.


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  1. Kathie Prout says:

    Thanks for this recipe! Gonna have to try these!

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