Cold Avocado Soup with Chicken and Roasted Corn

This recipe just may be my “2012 Summer Recipe”; meaning it’s the best darn recipe I tried this summer!  I’ve no doubt that I will be serving this easy cold avocado soup recipe to family and friends in the years to come.  It was beautiful to present and absolutely scrumptious!

This recipe comes from Cooking Light but I have, like I do to all their recipes, tinkered with it.  A few things to note in particular: 1) the recipe called for water as the ‘broth’ but I swapped it for more flavorful chicken broth.  The only negative from the swap  is that it softened the green color a tad but the increase in the soup’s flavor was well worth it.  I also 2) used the chicken breast from a rotisserie chicken, shaving a lot of time off the recipe. 3) I added another avocado because I wanted a thicker soup.


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  1. It serves 4! You can make it a couple hours ahead I think; maybe best to give it a trial run!

  2. The avocado soup looks wonderful. Perfect for a summer dinner party I’ll be giving. I wonder how many this recipe serves and how far ahead should I make it so the avocado doesn’t brown. Thanks!

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