GUEST POST – Marvelous Neighborhood Christmas Party Ideas

Nowadays, most people are too busy to have an actual human interaction with the people living in their neighborhood. Instead of spending time responding to texts, or glued to the television or computer screen, why don’t you gather everyone together and spend your day or evening getting to know your neighbors over laughter, banter, and food. You might want to try a couple of ideas to awaken some neighborhood camaraderie.

Decorate the Neighborhood Christmas Tree

If there is already a strong sense of community in your neighborhood, you can organize a day for decorating the streets or get everyone excited about getting or assigning a neighborhood Christmas tree. In one day, invite everyone to come out with their extra ornaments and decorate the streets with the appropriate holiday cheer. Just be sure to have refreshments ready so everyone can share some snacks as they take a break from making the streets beautiful. Close the community decoration day with a community dinner on one of the lawns so that everyone can wrap themselves in the community Christmas atmosphere.

Community Christmas Dessert Feast

Have a neighborhood sugar rush with a Christmas desserts feast. Invite everyone to share their favorite Christmas treat and throw a party where everyone can sample all the Christmas treats they would like. A batch of simple Christmas pastry or Eggnog whipped up using a special recipe for everyone to sample. Since almost everybody loves dessert, you’ll be sure to encounter neighbors who will be enthusiastic over the idea.

Community bonding activities don’t need to be extensive festive galas. More often than not, it is the shared conversation and laughter that tightens the bonds of friendship. You just have to keep finding a common interest with everyone else and celebrate togetherness.


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