Super Bowl Party Planning

My husband doesn’t watch a ton of sports overall, but he IS a huge football fan.  And this year, his team (go Broncos!) clinched the division title and are the top seeded team in the playoffs, which means… well, I have no idea what it means EXACTLY, but I do know it made my husband happy, and this put his team just that much closer to the elusive Super Bowl game.  (First they have to get through the play-off games.. this much I DO know, because he just told me so today).

So, in the expectation.. hope.. possibility of his team making it to the BIG game, I started making some plans for a Super Bowl party food (because to be a great party it has to have great food!!

First, from Make Merry, check out this awesome tutorial for making football whoopie pies.  And here’s a whoopie pie recipe from Bobby Flay with the wonderful marshmallow creme filling!

Rust and Sunshine has some GREAT ideas for throwing a super bowl party… I especially like the simple touch with the diy silverware caddies.  SO easy, and a great addition to the table or buffet.  Her football cupcakes look easy to duplicate and she even has some super bowl party games for kids.

For a yummy goodie for kids.. and BIG kids alike.. check out the football rice krispies from

Check out the fun super bowl spread put together by Shelbi Rene:

And finally.. we LOVE nachos in our house, and so when I saw these nacho CUPCAKES by Sweet Simple Stuff… I knew I’d have to make them for the big day!  She provides a step-by-step photo tutorial. You just know these are going to be a hit!

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  1. Thank you for featuring my cupcakes! I love all the other ideas you found … woopie pies may be on my Superbowl menu 🙂

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