How To Make Marshmallow Pops

chocolate dipped marshmallows

Just in time: Easter treats to make and enjoy!  These delicious, easy-to-make Marshmallow pops are  another great recipe from my friend Danielle at Hugs&CookiesXOXO.  She is the queen of sweet treats!

Simply thread marshmallows on a stick (or straws).  Sticks come in a variety of lengths and are easily found in the baking section of craft stores (Walmart also carries them).

how to make marshmallow sticks


Dip in melted chocolate (or melted chocolate candy melts)

how to make marshmallow lollipops

Set on wax paper (to harden) and decorate with sprinkles or whatever you’d like!

how to dip marshmallows


Wrap in cellophane treat bags if you’d like.

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