Theme Thursday – Boys’ Birthday Ideas – BIG trucks!

I’ve shared some great ideas recently for GIRLS birthdays… it’s time the boys had a chance!  There are lots of great party ideas out there, but I thought I’d stick with the construction, big machines, bright colors ideas for today.

From Kara’s Party Ideas, a Construction Truck Themed 1st Birthday.  There are some SERIOUSLY awesome ideas and inspiration in this post!!


From the Hostess blog, a great gallery of ideas with Trucks as the birthday party theme.  Make sure your scroll to see all 13 pictures!

From I.D. Mommy, a DIY Monster Truck party… with great ideas for invitations, activities, and decor!  Her tutorial for the cake, is FAB… AND easy!


And we can’t forget FIRE Trucks as a great party theme.  Check out this Fire Truck Birthday post on the Hostess blog:

Planning on having a truck birthday cake?  Turn to for inspiration.  Simply type “truck birthday cake” in the search box.  Or you can be very specific such as “fire truck birthday cake” or “monster truck birthday cake”.



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