FABulous Cake Designs

It’s been awhile since we talked about fab DIVA cakes, and I think it’s time for another round, don’t you?  Check out some of the FAB, FAB cakes I found while looking at cake designers sites…

We really like all things “zebra” around here, and just look at this zebra birthday cake from Fernanda Abarca Cakes. She includes a great description of how she works on ideas to design cakes like this:


One of my new favorite cake blogs is the Petalsweet Blog.  She has incredible cake designs, AND she offers a lot of DIY tips and techniques!  Check out this post about Single Tier cakes that make a BIG impact:


If you are looking for tutorials and lessons on how to make incredible cakes, I would definitely check out CakeMasters.com  It costs money to take the lessons, of course, but the end results look amazing.  They do offer a few free lessons, so you might start there!


And fom Rook No. 17, a wonderful post with a tutorial AND video on how to make a fancy tiered cake, like the one shown below.  Those gorgeous butterflies are made from from paint swatches!

And if you have a fab cake, you most definitely need a fab topper!  Thanks to Michele for this photo from her party, with one of our cake toppers:




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