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DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

I won’t be with my mother on Mother’s Day (she is a couple of states away), BUT I know many people will get to enjoy the special day with their mother.  In that spirit, I found some lovely project for homemade Mother’s Day Gifts for May 12th.

From By Wilma, a very, VERY easy DIYpainted bottle... these could be used for accents around the home, and/or vases for a lovely floral arrangement for Grandma:


Check out the cute DIY Fabric Frame tutorial by Sada Lewis, on the u-create blog… perfect for Mom or Grandma’s fridge! Step-by-step photos!

Fabric Frame Tutorial - Gallery Wall

Another photo-inspired gift from BHG – Glass containers with photos (super, super simple)!  And be sure to click through the rest of the slideshow for 15 other photo gift ideas!

And for a relaxing gift for Mom or Grandma, check out the Tub Teas DIY from Martha Stewart (I might make a few of these for myself for Mother’s Day!)  Do you have a local tea store where you can buy supplies?


Do YOU have Mother’s Day Gift ideas?  We’d love to hear about them.. leave us a comment or send us an email!


Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

oatmeal dessert recipe bars

My good friend Barbara alerted me to this delicious oatmeal dessert recipe found over at (it goes by the name of Jose’s Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies) and I’m so glad she did!  The are absolutely delicious and the recipe makes a big batch.

Notes & Tweaks

  • Use your food processor for grinding the oatmeal and grating the chocolate – it takes just a minute or two.
  • The original recipe called for grated semisweet chocolate but I used dark chocolate.  You could also use milk chocolate if you would prefer.
  • I use a cookie scoop so that my cookies look and bake uniformly.

FREE Bridal Shower Printables

We talked about Bridal Shower games yesterday, and I wanted to follow up today with a couple of fun shower printables I found.

From LoveVsDesign, a cute Bridal Shower Mad Libs:


From WeddingFavorsUnlimited, a bunch of Bridal Shower Bingo cards – printable and ready to go!

And from, CUSTOMIZABLE chevron cards  including changing the colors! Don’t let the “baby shower” title fool you – you CAN use these to make a baby shower invite OR change the tabs to make note cards, thank you cards, and even place cards!  Love these!


Bridal Shower Games

Do you like to play games at baby or bridal showers?  I have to admit that my least favorite part of a shower is usually the “game” portion of the event.  Not sure why……  Nevertheless, I have been on the look-out for some EASY, FAB, and did I mention FUN games for showers.  Found a few.. and here they are!

From Jane’s Girl Designs, printable bridal shower games.

You can get the answers to all the games here




Candy Match

From Craftaholics Anonymous, “Staches and Tiaras” a question-and-answer game, with more FREE download/printables to make it easy to prepare.  She provides some great bridal shower game questions and I’m sure it will prompt more of your own!  And the mustache and tiara printables are SO CUTE!


A similar version of the question/answer game comes from Dear Lizzy:


Abby over at Normal Activities has some FAB game ideas, including this ice-breaker door prize game, “Who Has the Groom”

In case you miss it in the post, here’s the free printable for the tux cut-out.  Many games in Abby’s post!


And from Sweet and Sour Showers, a cute “memory” game idea: Well – actually there are several games in this post – all fun!


Have you planned a wedding or baby shower with games?  We’d love to hear YOUR ideas… send an email or leave a comment and share!


Thanks to Gloria for her creative use of our shoe place card holders at the recent party she hosted.


FABulous Cake Designs

It’s been awhile since we talked about fab DIVA cakes, and I think it’s time for another round, don’t you?  Check out some of the FAB, FAB cakes I found while looking at cake designers sites…

We really like all things “zebra” around here, and just look at this zebra birthday cake from Fernanda Abarca Cakes. She includes a great description of how she works on ideas to design cakes like this:


One of my new favorite cake blogs is the Petalsweet Blog.  She has incredible cake designs, AND she offers a lot of DIY tips and techniques!  Check out this post about Single Tier cakes that make a BIG impact:


If you are looking for tutorials and lessons on how to make incredible cakes, I would definitely check out  It costs money to take the lessons, of course, but the end results look amazing.  They do offer a few free lessons, so you might start there!


And fom Rook No. 17, a wonderful post with a tutorial AND video on how to make a fancy tiered cake, like the one shown below.  Those gorgeous butterflies are made from from paint swatches!

And if you have a fab cake, you most definitely need a fab topper!  Thanks to Michele for this photo from her party, with one of our cake toppers:




DIY Puppet Theater Time!

My kids LOVE puppets!  They turn stuffed animals into puppets, they make sock puppets, and my middle son is the king of paper puppets.  (If it can be made with construction paper, glue sticks, and tape… he’s made it!)  Well, I got to thinking how fun it might be to create a birthday party around puppets, including a puppet theater for the kids to use.  You KNOW I found some great ideas for how to construct them, and here they are…

From Molly Moo, a cute shoebox finger puppet theater… love this for the little ones!


From Tip Junkie, a super simple, but FAB idea for using a project display board and turning it into a Puppet Theater.  We are definitely making one of these for our house!



Something we haven’t done, but will be doing soon… shadow puppets!  Check out this tutorial for making a Shadow Puppet Theater, from inner child fun: So easy and so fun!


If you are SUPER ambitious, here is an amazing tutorial for making a wooden tabletop puppet theater, from Prudent Baby:



And in case you don’t want to make one of your own, here is a great idea from Cool Spaces for Kids on etsy… a doorway puppet theater!


White Chocolate Frosted Red Velvet Brownies!

White Chocolate Frosting For Brownies

Today I’m sharing another fab recipe from my friend Liz at That Skinny Chick Can Bake Blog.  It’s delicious!!  I love that there are so many different forms of red velvet desserts.

Liz shares this advice for cutting the brownies:  To cut clean slices, chill your brownies, then use a hot knife to cut. I dip my knife into a glass of extremely hot water, dry it off, then cut. Bring back to room temperature to serve.

Fab Friday Giveaway – Dutch Oven with Cover

It’s time to announce the winner of the Visa Gift Card.. and the winner is……..  Jill V.   Jill, you should get an email from Diva Entertains this morning!


For THIS week’s giveaway… we are giving away a Simply Calphalon 7-Quart Nonstick Dutch Oven with Cover



One lucky (US) winner will win this fab Dutch Oven on April 19th.

We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to enter… AND we are giving you multiple chances to win!

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We will choose a winner on April 18th at midnight, and announce the winner on April 19th.  Winner must have a US shipping address serviced by UPS or FedEx.

National Card and Letter Writing Month – Free Printables!

Not sure if you knew this or not, but April is National Card and Letter Writing Month!  (I’m not sure who decides such things as “national” whatever days, but I thought it was a neat idea, and so here we are!)  To “celebrate”, I found some fun free note card printables and DIY tutorials on note-card making!

From Melissa Esplin, a lovely floral FREE printable note card:


From the elli blog, a DIY Gift Box for Note cards:  The box design possibilities are endless!


From the Pretty Blog, more FREE download printable note cards.  She recommends punching a hole through a card, tie to a ribbon to wrap around a bunch of flowers or special gift to say thank you, happy birthday or I love you.



And from Filthy Muggle, another set of FREE printable note cards AND envelopes:




Best of Spring!

Spring Break has come and gone… and left our household with a flu bug and severe seasonal allergies!  I’m taking a day or two to get back in the swing of things, so I’m cheating a little today and sharing our “best of” (or most popular) from last year’s spring posts.  Here they are: