Summer Drink Recipes

Spring is in full bloom where we live (which is the desert, so… really not so much blooming as just windy and cactus pollen…but you get the idea).  Because we live in the desert, spring sort of morphs quickly into HOT SUMMER, and I’ve been planning ahead, pinning some yummy and good looking summer DRINK ideas for the HOT SUMMER nights.  (yes, it’s mid-April, but I tell you, summer will be here before you know it).  Here are some of the yummy drink recipes I’ve found lately:

From LHJ, a Sweet Tea “Bourbon Slush”:

These next two are non-alcoholic summer drink recipes (although you could always add some:).  Fir,st from Green Kitchen Stories, a Passion Fruit Summer Drink:


From, a peach ice tea recipe… I will need to make this daily!


And from Stark Insider, how about a Frozen Blueberry Margarita?

You can substitute your favorite fruit for blueberries if you’d like.


Ok, now I’m really thirsty!  How about you?

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