Campfire Party – inside and out!

Summer is going to be here in two blinks of an eye, and it’s time to start thinking about campfires and s’mores!  Now, for the “delicate” among us, not all campfire events have to be OUTSIDE in the wild… some can be inside with A/C and s’mores can be made in more ways than one. (Click HERE to read our s’mores post!)  I’ve got a variety of ideas for you to check out today!

From Juli Jacklin’s Cupcakes, a cute photo of campfire cupcakes – perfect for indoors or out:


From Frosted Events, a visual post with lots of campfire party ideas:


From Kara’s Party Ideas, a cute camping party:


From TSJ photography, check out the AMAZING camping party set-up!


And because I can’t post about campfires and camping parties without mentioning s’mores (again)… check out the recipe/ideas for two different kind of s’mores from Moore Minutes.  The post if full of other dessert buffet goodness too… AND you need to check out her original post about the entire campfire/camping birthday party HERE.


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