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Giveaway Winner, and Last Minute 4th of July Recipes for FUN!

It’s time to announce the winner of the Rachael Ray Cookware set giveaway… and the winner is….Diana C!  Diana, you will get an email from Diva Entertains today


And because we still have a little time before the 4th of July, I thought I’d share a few more ideas for making the holiday fun!  (You can read our other 4th of July posts HERE, HERE, and HERE).

From Tasty Kitchen, a great tutorial and recipe for making Star Ice Cream Sandwiches!



From Pam’s Party and Practical Tips, a cute idea for making 4th of July Rice Krispie and Oreo POPs!


And from Number 2 Pencil, a super, SUPER cute idea for making Uncle Sam Mustache Pops:



Pool Party DIY

It’s time for some Pool Party fun!  How about some summer pool party ideas?  Splish.. splash…here we go!

From Lovely Party Things, a DIY tutorial on a FAB Pool Noodle Garland.  I LOVE THIS!!  So easy you won’t believe it!


There are several great ideas for Pool Party DIY over at The NapTime Reviewer.  I especially like the Beach in a Vase centerpiece idea.  Each project lists supplies needed.  All quite easy too!  (wait ’til you see the cocktail umbrella wreath:)

Beach Vase


From the Hobby Mommy, a surfin’ party with Mermaids… perfect theme for a birthday pool party!



In case your wondering what to have at a pool party, Party Like Paula provides plenty of ideas… check out all the wonderful ideas for a dessert and food bar:


Minecraft Birthdays

My boys… well, actually all THREE of my children.. are obsessed with the online computer game, Minecraft.  I have to admit I don’t get it.  It’s a game filled with pixelated boxes of all kinds, with enemies and friends, and you do a lot (A LOT) of building.  They try to explain it to me, but I just hear a lot of buzzing noises as they chatter on.  BUT… the important news is that this is such a popular theme that I have some fabulous ideas for Minecraft birthday parties!

From Crafty Ingredients, a party post for Minecraft Lovers.  LOVE the desert table, (and her comments mirror my feelings regarding the game of Minecraft).


From Keitha’s chaos, a post FULL of Minecraft birthday ideas:




From Partylicious, a FAB Minecraft party post!  There is an incredible amount of detail in this post – you need to check out ALL her photos!


And from By Hook & Thread, another AMAZING Minecraft party post.  Creeper juice is AWESOME (or at least my kids would think so!)

C creeper juice

4th of July Food!

It’s almost here… and we need a post about 4th of July FOOD!  Here are some fun ideas I’ve found while thinking and planning for our 4th of July event this year.

First, some mouth-watering patriotic red, white and blue Strawberries from The Sisters Cafe.  So simple, so brilliants!


From Cupcakes Take the Cake… 4th of July Fruit and cupcake kebobs!!  Love those red, white and blue marshmallows!



Patriotic Pizza, from a Taste of Home:


And S’mores on a Stick, with red and white sprinkles make the perfect kid-snack (and adult-snack too!) for the 4th of July:



4th of July Cupcakes

red white and blue cupcakes

These super fun 4th of July Cupcakes come from Jennifer at NotYourMommasCookie blog.  These aren’t hard – just a bit time consuming.  Her are some tips that will help with this recipe:

  1. Note that this recipe makes 10-12 cupcakes.   If you want to make more just use 2 packages of cake mix.
  2. When filling the cupcake pans, it helps to have someone ‘hold’ the star while you gently add the rest of the batter to the liner.
  3. If you don’t have a pastry tip – no worries! Just cut end off the pastry bag and start frosting!

4th of July dessert recipepatriotic cupcakes

4th of July Printables

Quick post today, but seriously good stuff to share!  You need to click on over to Tom Kat studio and check out their FREE 4th of July Printables… AND check out the “blog hop” with links to a bunch of OTHER free goodies for the 4th of July.




Ice Cream Soda Fountain Party Ideas

What’s better for summer parties, than ICE CREAM and ice cream sodas?  I just love the fun ideas I found for ice cream soda fountain parties!

From Pizzazzerie, a super fab Ice Cream Parlor party!  Check out the craft and favor ideas… and look at those adorable ruffle aprons!  (yes, click on over!).  So many wonderful ideas for setting up an ice cream buffet!



From “A little birdy told me”, a super cute 1st birthday, all in soda fountain theme!



From Kara’s Party Ideas, an Ice Cream Social party.  LOVE all the details on this one!

Ice Cream Party-11b

From Celebrations, a great post about how to set up an Ice Cream Soda bar:


And from Amy Atlas, an INCREDIBLE post about a FAB ice cream party.  I’m in AWE!


National Candy Month

Did you know that June is National Candy Month?  I didn’t know either, but I’m totally up for it!  Check out the various ways YOU can celebrate National Candy Month! has a great list of links to recipes using candy.  Milky Way shake?  Yes, please!




From Quirkbooks, learn how to make Rock Candy!

rock candy


OR, how to make gumdrops!



From Bubble and Sweet, learn how to make Marshmallow Ribbon Candy:

blue ribbon candy close up


And be sure to check out our Candy Land centerpieces in the Diva Entertains shop!


4th of July Favors

My only serious complaint about summer is that it goes TOO fast!  (Well, that, and the 115 degree weather we sometimes get in Las Vegas).  I just can’t believe how quickly the days go by, and the 4th of July will be here before we know it!  SO, today… some crafts for July 4th that will result in awesome favors!

From Martha Stewart, a tutorial on making Rocket Favors!




From the Hostess blog, a 4th of July photo album of red, white, and blue inspiration!




From Something Turquoise, super cute flag inspired favors!


And from Kara’s Party Ideas, check out the super fab POP Party favors!  Great tutorial and free printables are included! Push pop containers are now available at craft stores at at Kara’s.


And we’ll leave you with a fun kids activity: making 4th of July cake pops.  Cooking With Sugar shows you how to do it with a step-by-step photo tutorial:

fourth of july desserts

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie with Nutter Butter Cookie Crust

peanut better desserts












This recipe is a bona fide winner based on feedback from family and friends.  Especially from my nephew and his girlfriend – foodies that take their dessert very seriously:)

The recipe below is based on this  peanut butter dessert  recipe being made in a springform pan.  However, it can also be made in a pie pan.  For the latter, you’ll only need about 3/4’s of the crust mixture and, instead of 1 quart each of the chocolate and vanilla  cream, you’ll only need about 2 cups each.  As for the peanut butter, 1 cup for the pie plate version.

peanut butter desset